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Their appetite is a great beast. It must constantly be fed with
new delights. ~ Spartacus

We have numerous new delights ready for your indulgence. 22 newly added gaming providers to be precise. It's been long sought after by the community but finally, we're proud to present more content in your inventory of choices.

There's a wide variety of games to choose from such as video poker, numerous slots and many table games etc. We are committed to adding more games after making sure that there are no issues with the current integrations.


You might have to verify your personal details in order to play certain games depending on the provider. There are different levels of verification, reaching level 2 (most basic information) will basically unlock access to all the games that require those details. Verifying till step 5 opens access to everything.

Nothing will change for Bitsler games and they obviously remain open without the need for verification to play.

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