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Counter-Strike players have long been enamored with colorful weapon skins in the game, which created a whole separate secondary market for fans and money-pushers to explore and experience outside the servers whenever they are looking to take a break from the bad-guy-shooting and bomb-planting action.

So it should be of no surprise that a cottage industry of third-party platforms and websites has emerged to support and help out players and investors to create a source of reliable information when they are looking to make purchases.

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What is CSGO Stash? Explained

CSGO Stash, now known as CS2 Stash, is a longstanding third-party platform that showcases the up-to-date prices of weapon skins and other in-game items in Counter-Strike (like agent skins, Music Kits, agent patches, collectible pins, graffiti, keys, and more) taken straight from the Steam Marketplace.

The original Steam Marketplace is famously awful at distributing information about the wider picture of the supply and demand relating to the various items in the game. The best you’ve got is a narrow list of the latest and the cheapest listings on the market, which is disappointingly limited in terms of what data you are actually looking for.

A screenshot of the Steam Marketplace with a Well-Worn Asiimov AWP on offer on December 11, 2023.
Is this everything you want to know about purchasing a Well-Worn Asiimov AWP? No. It absolutely isn’t.

In some sense, this is understandable because the Marketplace was created way before CS:GO weapon skins came around, and many of the data points relating to these skins (float, wear, et cetera) were not present, and the system wasn’t properly future-proofed enough to display this sort of information for prospective purchasers.

(To better understand what information matters when it comes to CS weapon cosmetics, check out our article on Counter-Strike skins for a crash course on weapon finishes, skin types, rewards, and more!)

The purpose of CS2 Stash is to provide players with up-to-date information about everything they may want to learn about the weapon skins currently for sale on the Steam Marketplace. It provides separate information for each level of wear (Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred), both in normal and StatTrak versions. It also shows the volume, the number of listings, and the median price in a nice and comfortable stats table.

A screenshot of the CS2 Stash page of the M9 Bayonet knife skin taken on December 11, 2023.
See? Much better.

Scroll further down, and you will find the various skin variations, a video preview, and the texture pattern of the skin as well for good measure.

While CS2 Stash offers no direct way to purchase skins – there is no need or method to log in, and there are no transactions to be made – the platform now also shows the same stats for BitSkins, another third-party skin-selling website.

Is CS2 Stash reliable?

For many years, CS:GO Stash (before its renaming) was a useful and reliable source of weapon skin price statistics for fans and players all around the world. However, since the platform is directly plugged into the Steam API to provide its information, meaning anytime a big update rolls around, there is no guarantee for the stats’ reliability or that the website will be able to adjust to the changes.

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At the time of writing, the “Recently Added Items” element in the bottom left former of the website lists the May 31, 2023 addition of the Paris 2023 Champions (Vitality) Autograph Capsule as its latest entry, and while the CS2 Stash Twitter account (sorry, we’re not going to call it X anytime soon, that is super stupid, Elon, please, you literally had a website name that was so omnipresent it has turned into a verb, and you threw it away, what is wrong with you) has been retweeting the game’s official Twitter account and some notable community members, but otherwise, not much has been posted. The latest tweets are from September 27 at the time of writing, detailing the Weekly Care Package system added around that time. The latest activity on the account was the liking of an October 11 post from the official CS2 team.

This makes us a little concerned about how up-to-date all this information is and whether the website will be continuously updated for the CS2 era onwards. It is also impossible to tell how the partnership between CS2 Stash and Bitskins has been formed, how long it may last, and if all that information is reliable or not: it is worth keeping this in mind when looking up weapon skin stats and market prices on the platform until these considerations are cleared up in some official way.

Everything you need to know about CS2 Stash (née CSGO Stash), summarized

In the early days of the Counter-Strike 2 days, the renamed CSGO Stash remains a useful resource, and the team’s decision to rename the site to CS2 Stash and track these major changes in the franchise along the way.

However, we will only know for sure if the site will continue to serve as a reliable source of Steam Marketplace information when the next big API changes roll around or when the next set of cosmetics is released. Until then, even the existing tech will chug along without any changes made.

If you would like to learn more about gaming and competitive Counter-Strike, be sure to keep an eye on the Bitsler blog, where you can read many more useful articles like this one about all things esports, including tournament coverage, the latest betting odds, feature explainers, and more!

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