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Ultimate Poker was officially launched on Bitsler on 1st June, 2023. It is the latest addition to the Bitsler Game portfolio, and it is one of the most popular titles on our platform. This is no surprise once you consider the awesome features and the tightly constructed gameplay experience it offers. Here are just a few reasons to try out the game yourself!

Reasons to try Ultimate Poker on Bitsler

Your fellow players love it

Think of it as peer review. There's a reason why Ultimate Poker has turned out to be such a hit on Bitsler: it's the perfect blend of strategy and luck, quick yet exciting rounds blending into one another based on a familiar and adaptable gameplay format. There's a lot to love here – as you yourself will learn when you give the game a try!

Instant deposits and withdrawals

One of Bitsler's main platform-wide appeals is our system of instantaneous deposits and withdrawals, offering you unprecedented flexibility and control over your winnings. In and out in the space of a poker hand – where else could you find such enticing options? Register now if you don’t yet have an account with us!

20+ cryptocurrency coin types available for betting

Bitsler's adaptable wallet offers a seamless way to deposit and play with a wide variety of the world's most popular cryptocurrencies. Are you into something mainstream like BTC or ETH? We've got you covered. New-fangled stable stuff like BUSD or USDC? Check. Vintage meme stuff, like DOGE or SHIB? All here. Something more exotic, like EOS, XLM, or DASH? Check, check, check. And this isn't even the full list! We accept all the major cryptocurrencies here – no matter the kind of enthusiast you are, we won't blunt your style!

What is Ultimate Poker and how does it work?

Ultimate Poker uses the basic rules of the classic Texas Hold 'em card game and turns it into an exciting solo player-versus-dealer gameplay experience.

As usual, the game is played with a standard 52-card deck, with the standard poker hand rankings from high card to royal flush. However, the main twist here is that you play against the house instead of any fellow players, making the gameplay experience a bit more systematized in an interesting new way that is fun to experience for regulars and newcomers alike.

The hand plays out similarly to traditional Texas Hold 'em Poker: the player and the dealer both get two hole cards to start with. Then, the flop (the first three community cards) follows. Next, the turn (the fourth community card) and the river (the fifth and final community card) are dealt together. These three distinct phases offer you the opportunity to bet or not.

Each hand begins with a placement of the blind and the ante. Here, you get the opportunity to raise it 3 or 4 times – or to check. If you bet, all five community cards are dealt, and the hand resolves as it would in a normal poker hand.

If you check before the flop, you get the opportunity to bet again after the first three community cards are revealed – however, now the highest you can go is 2x. If you still check, the last two community cards are also dealt out, and your choice is either to 1x bet or to fold your hand.
The ante bet always pays out if you win the hand. Blind payouts depend on the quality of your hand from straight and up and are available in the payout table above the board. You can also wager for Trips before the hand, which, as the name implies, wins if you have a hand of three of a kind or higher. You can separately customize your ante blind and your trips bet size, placing your bet for both before the hand is dealt out.

You can get the highest payouts for the blind and trips by hitting the best poker combinations!

Now you know everything about the rules of Ultimate Poker. Enjoy the game, and have fun!

Tips and tricks for Ultimate Poker

Learn your odds and study the numbers

Poker is a numbers game, especially in this casino game format. You need to know the chances of hitting a gutshot straight or a flush out if you want to make the correct decision about your wagers. For better strategies, you need to gain a good understanding of the basic poker odds. Do so, and you will have a much better time playing Ultimate Poker – or, for that matter, any type of poker game.

Know when to fold 'em

Sometimes, your hand just doesn't pan out. Since you will definitely need to have a better hand than the dealer's, there will be times when you will just have to follow the math and make a fold for optimized long-term play results. Stay true to this, and you will get to enjoy playing longer on a set bankroll.

Don't bluff the dealer

As a corollary to the previous piece of advice, keep in mind the nature of the game you're playing. Yes, it is poker, but you're not really playing against another player here. The dealer has certain rules to follow with their hand, and there is a math exercise to be sorted out in every single hand. This isn't the place for the soul read and the brave, boisterous raise with a 2-7 offsuit. Again, you will need to have a better hand than the dealer's.

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