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If you are a CS weapon skin enthusiast, you will often look for opportunities to cash out beyond the confines of the Steam Marketplace. So, the question naturally arises: is CSGO Roll safe and worth using? Here’s everything we could find out about the platform and the conclusions of our research.

What is CSGO Roll?

By its own description, CSGO Roll (also styled as CSGORoll) is a gamified skins trading platform that offers a variety of tools and options for Counter-Strike enthusiasts to exchange and gamble with their in-game cosmetics.

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CSGO Roll is one of the more popular external platforms out there for trading with your Counter-Strike weapon skins. You can also check out one of the many games of chance on the platform. Roll, which is a CS-themed roulette reimagination, Clunk’n’Boom, which features boxes and chicken – again, in a Counter-Strike style –, Crash, Unboxing, as well as more traditional options like Plinko and Dice.

There are also PvP (player-versus-player) games like Case Battle, Coin Flip, and Dice Duel. However, the main appeal of the platform is evidently the skin gambling portion, with some trading on the side.

Before we move on, a quick public service announcement:

Alt text: The Anodized Navy skin for the SG 553, one of the many collectibles traded on platforms like CSGORoll. Image via the Counter-Strike Wiki.

If you are not super familiar with CS:GO skins (and how they were ported over into the new game, CS2), check out our comprehensive article on Counter-Strike skins, where you can learn:

  • The history of CS:GO skins
  • The various weapon finish types
  • How CS:GO skins were transitioned to CS2
  • The weapon rarities and the most popular skins in Counter-Strike
  • And much, much more!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled discussion…

Why are people trading CS:GO weapon skins outside the Steam Marketplace?

Eeeh, this is a messy subject. Ultimately, if you want to make some real money from trading weapon skins on the Steam Marketplace, be it Counter-Strike or one of the other games that offer sales on the platform, you will find that there is no real option to cash out and there isn’t meant to be one. But even if you do find a way to turn your Steam funds into cash, by gifting games to friends, for instance, Steam’s fairly excessive cut on every Marketplace transaction.

Hence, the existence of platforms like CSGO Roll.

Is this something Valve condone? Absolutely not. Are they turning a blind eye to expand the activity on the main marketplace as well? Evidently. Do they still send out the occasional cease-and-desist demand letter from a fancy lawyer to some of these websites on a periodic basis? You can bet your behind (and your bottom dollar) that they do.

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After all, offering trading like this goes directly against Valve’s terms of service for Steam, and good luck trying to prove your case in court against the Bellevue-based juggernaut. There is a reason why no one has tried to do so yet, and why likely no one will. So be sure to understand the risks whenever you try to turn your Counter-Strike weapon skins into money on external sites: they could disappear at any moment, even if the people behind it are actually working with good intentions and aren’t looking to do a rug pull.

Should you gamble with Counter-Strike skins?

Gambling is all about risk management and understanding your limits, so if you’re approaching it in a professional manner, there are clearly better options to consider. At the end of the day, in-game cosmetics like Counter-Strike weapon skins are less liquid than cryptocurrencies or cash, and since Valve can bring down the hammer at any moment, there are real risks associated with trying to turn a profit with them in a way that isn’t present with other digital currency types.

However, if you see your CS:GO weapon skins as little more than pointless toys, and you assign no monetary value to them, gambling and trading can be a fun way to do something with those colorful pixels sitting in your inventory.

However, as a rule of thumb, Counter-Strike weapon skins offer little to nothing in value that you won’t find with cryptocurrencies, with no mega-company like Valve breathing down on your neck. For example, a Steam ban wave in the summer caused sudden and serious liquidity issues on CS:GO Roll, which relies on whales and automated accounts to move items around across the platforms.

Besides, it’s worth staying up-to-date on stories related to CSGO Roll. Rival companies have alleged some serious wrongdoing, and in May 2023, the platform was banned in Australia for breaching the country’s gambling laws.

The G2 partnership that quietly ceased to be

Signing a sponsorship deal with one of, if not the biggest esports orgs out there, was a significant statement of intent from CS:GO Roll, which is why its sudden disappearance just three months later should be treated seriously by anyone considering depositing their goodies with the site.

As reported by Dexerto, the partnership deal was intensely criticized by those in the Counter-Strike community, and the org washed it out of existence less than a hundred days after signing the deal, removing all social media announcements and blurring the CS:GO Roll logo on the team jerseys in their own vlogs.

We’re not alleging anything shady here, but these incidents also highlight how even a best-intentioned third-party CS:GO skin trading (and skin gambling) site can run into issues at any moment because of changes in policies at their partners.

The best Counter-Strike online betting platform

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