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The best teams and players of the continent will be battling it out in Germany for a chance to make history and become the EURO 2024 winners, and it’s a fantastic competition to get involved with for any sports enthusiasts around the world.

Here are Bitsler’s comprehensive EURO 2024 tips and predictions, and everything you need to know about this year’s European Football Championship.

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Everything you need to know about EURO 2024

This year’s European Football Championship is the seventeenth edition of the competition, and it will take place in Germany between June 14 and July 14 in a one-month festival of football on the old continent. As has been the case since 2016, 24 teams have qualified for the competition, meaning approximately half of Europe’s nations will get to partake in the fun.

Can Italy defend their title, or will England go one step beyond this time around? Could the hosts bounce back after years and years in the wilderness? Will France or Spain remind us all why they are footballing royalty? Will we miss teams like Wales and Sweden, or will upstarts like Serbia and Georgia make up for their absence? It will be fascinating to find out who will get to lift the Henri Delaunay Cup in 2024, and we’ve put together a detailed rundown for you so that you can get prepared for the action, be it for your viewing pleasure or EURO 2024 crypto sports betting.

EURO 2024 tournament format

The format of the European Football Championship until the year of 2016 used to feature only 16 teams in total, with the classic four teams per group, a single round-robin bracket, and the top two qualifying for a single-elimination knockout stage. Now, with 24 teams playing, the process of whittling down the playing field is a little more messy.

The 24 teams are divided into six groups of four and they play out the traditional single round-robin bracket (so every team in the group still plays each other once, just like in the past). However, to properly fill out a sixteen-team knockout bracket, the four highest-performing third-place finishers also qualify for the playoffs stage, making the group stage matches somewhat less cutthroat than what veteran viewers would have gotten used to in years long gone.

If tiebreakers are needed, the following criteria are used, both for the groups themselves or to separate the third-place finishers from each other: goal difference; goals scored; number of wins; disciplinary points total (lower is better); overall ranking. In practice, goal difference usually settles the score at the Euros when points don’t suffice.

Unlike at the World Cup, there will be no “bronze match,” also known as a third-place playoff.

EURO 2024 host cities and stadiums

The following cities across Germany got the honor and opportunity to host football matches throughout this year’s European Football Championship, per UEFA’s official website:

  • Berlin: Olympiastadion Berlin (current capacity: 71,000)
  • Cologne: Cologne Stadium (43,000)
  • Dortmund: BVB Stadion Dortmund (62,000)
  • Dusseldorf: Düsseldorf Arena (47,000)
  • Frankfurt: Frankfurt Arena (47,000)
  • Gelsenkirchen: Arena AufSchalke (50,000)
  • Hamburg: Volksparkstadion Hamburg (49,000)
  • Leipzig: Leipzig Stadium (40,000)
  • Munich: Munich Football Arena (66,000)
  • Stuttgart: Stuttgart Arena (51,000)

The opening game will take place in Munich, and the final will be contested in Berlin’s Olympiastadion.

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EURO 2024 groups – tips and predictions

Six groups, 24 teams, millions of adoring fans all around the continent – anything can happen in the group stages of EURO 2024, but still, some outcomes are more likely than others. Here is everything you need to know about the teams and the biggest players in the competition, how they qualified for the event, and what you can expect from all of them.

EURO 2024 Group A: where the hosts look to right the ship

  • Germany (qualified as the host)
  • Scotland (qualified as the Group A runner-up)
  • Hungary (qualified as the Group G winner)
  • Switzerland (qualified as the Group I runner-up)

This is a super-spicy group, and not just where recent form is concerned. Back when Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006, Die Mannschaft was stuck in the same sort of generational transition it is today, with the team struggling to live up to its storied past in international competitions. Embarrassing early exits at the World Cups in 2018 and 2022 showed that a change was needed, but moving on from Joachim Low hasn’t proven to be the panacea many expected it to be. Roared on by the home crowd, this new-look German side is not to be underestimated, but they are definitely there for the taking.

Scotland and Hungary both capped off incredibly impressive qualification campaigns, but while the Tartans have floundered somewhat since then, the Mighty Magyars have racked up a fourteen-match unbeaten streak, one only surpassed by the Puskás-led “Golden Team” in the fifties. Now armed with genuine superstar powder courtesy of Szoboszlai, they’ve proven to be a tough nut to crack even for the strongest teams of the continent.

Switzerland, meanwhile, have to rely on tournament experience rather than form for any sense of optimism, even if they do have a proven ability to play spoilers, as France found out four years ago.

Bitsler prediction for EURO 2024 Group A:

  1. Germany
  2. Hungary
  3. Scotland
  4. Switzerland

EURO 2024 Group B: the group of death

  • Spain (qualified as the Group A winner)
  • Croatia (qualified as the Group D runner-up)
  • Italy (qualified as the Group C runner-up)
  • Albania (qualified as the Group E winner)

The most star-studded and talent-stacked group of EURO 2024, without a doubt, and perhaps the one that benefits the most from the third-place qualification opportunity. Italy are the title holders, but don’t let that fool you: the Azzurri missed out on the previous World Cup altogether and have struggled in the striking department for a long time, as evidenced by their inability to win their qualification group – a set of huge disappointments for a nation with such storied footballing history, especially one whose domestic league is going through quite the renaissance. There is a reason why they were stuck in pot four for the group seedings.

EURO 2024 will mark the last hurrah for Croatia’s golden generation, spearheaded by Luka Modric, still going strong at the tender age of 38. With Spain in a transitional phase of its own, it’s all to play for in this group – and even minnows Albania deserve to be taken seriously, having won Group E of the qualifiers outright ahead of Czechia and Poland.

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Bitsler prediction for EURO 2024 Group B:

  1. Spain
  2. Croatia
  3. Italy
  4. Albania

EURO 2024 Group C: the group of rematches

  • Slovenia (qualified as the Group H runner-up)
  • Denmark (qualified as the Group H winner)
  • Serbia (qualified as the Group G runner-up)
  • England (qualified as the Group C winner)

Group C at EURO 2024 will pit familiar faces against each other in more ways than one. Not only will Slovenia and Denmark get to reprise their roles from their qualification group (where the Danes came out ahead with a 2-1 at home and a 1-1 draw away), but England will get to go up against their opponents in the 2020 semifinal in the form of the Vikings.

It is impossible to look past England’s youthful and star-studded lineup, even if questions remain about manager Gareth Southgate’s game management: from Harry Kane to Jude Bellingham, thwis side is full of explosive talent, and there’s a good reason why many see them as the outright favorites for the competition.

Serbia’s international campaigns often end up disastrous, and their star striker, Aleksandar Mitrovic, who, is now plying his trade in Saudi Arabia, would have to outgun Rasmus Hojlund and Benjamin Sesko to push his nation to greatness. It’s tough to see either of the minnows causing an upset here.

Bitsler prediction for EURO 2024 Group C:

  1. England
  2. Denmark
  3. Slovenia
  4. Serbia

EURO 2024 Group D: the group of rematches

  • Poland (qualified as playoffs winner)
  • Netherlands (qualified as the Group B runner-up)
  • Austria (qualified as the Group F runner-up)
  • France (qualified as the Group B winner)

The combination of talent and experience available to France coach Didier Deschamps is the envy of nearly all his counterparts on the continent and perhaps even the world. However, their shock loss to Switzerland at the 2020 Euros shows that they can freeze up in critical moments. Still, it’s tough to look past them for this group stage, especially seeing how they went head-to-head with the Netherlands in their qualification group and came out far ahead in the process.

Austria and Poland both pose notable talents ready to cause problems – especially so in the coaching department where the former side is concerned – but Lewandowski’s one-man show up top an uneven team has historically struggled to make an impression at these big international events. In many ways, the same goes for Ronald Koeman in the Dutch dugout. Make of that what you will.

Bitsler prediction for EURO 2024 Group D:

  1. France
  2. Austria
  3. Netherlands
  4. Poland

EURO 2024 Group E: the… easiest group?

  • Belgium (qualified as the Group F winner)
  • Slovakia (qualified as the Group J runner-up)
  • Romania (qualified as the Group I winner)
  • Ukraine (qualified as playoffs winner)

The fading golden generation of Belgium will be facing off against an Eastern European contingent, and you can’t help but feel that they missed their biggest opportunities for an unlikely title. Still, the level of this group should still see them top it comfortably, even if Ukraine is a wildcard in all senses of the word and will no doubt benefit from an incredible reception of the crowd all along the way.

The Belgian side now has Tedesco in the coaching role instead of Roberto Martinez, which adds another wrinkle to the proceedings. While a strong playoff run might be past Kevin de Bruyne and co., it should be easy to at least get to that point, with the young and inexperienced sides of Romania and Slovakia likely offering little more than token resistance.

Bitsler prediction for EURO 2024 Group E:

  1. Belgium
  2. Ukraine
  3. Romania
  4. Slovakia

EURO 2024 Group F: the group of chaos

  • Turkey (qualified as the Group D winner)
  • Georgia (qualified as playoffs winner)
  • Portugal (qualified as the Group J winner)
  • Czechia (qualified as the Group E runner-up)

What an exciting mess this group promises to be. Portugal have the talent and the pedigree, but Roberto Martinez’ qualities at the deep end of tournaments remains under scrutiny, and the team will have to keep on managing the delicate issue of a rapidly aging Cristiano Ronaldo and his jumbo-sized ego. It’s a great squad but they will have to turn into more than the sum of their parts if they want to have any hopes of replicating their EURO 2016 heroics.

Turkey’s turbulent campaign saw them beat out Croatia and Wales to secure a spot at this year’s Euros, but they did have to make a coaching change along the way as they got the job done. Couple this with their disastrous Nations League relegation and the furor and controversies of the SuperLig, and you get the image of a team ready to tear itself apart at the first bad turn of events.

Czechia finished behind Albania, which is, with respect to both nations, is about as much as you need to say about their qualifying campaign – but to add insult to injury, they also have to deal with a change in leadership as coach Jaroslav Silhavy resigned ahead of the event, and senior players opted to go clubbing instead of getting a good night’s rest before their final qualification match. It feels like a flameout in the making.

So, Georgia, surely, right? Their EURO debut is going to create many memories to remember, but it’s tough to envision a playoffs qualification being one of them. Still, with such combustible opposition, anything is possible.

Bitsler prediction for EURO 2024 Group F:

  1. Portugal
  2. Turkey
  3. Georgia
  4. Czechia

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Who will win EURO 2024?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? There are no guarantees here, of course – that would make sports really rather boring – but it’s tough to look past the favorites in modern international football. EURO 2004 was a long time ago, and the sort of defensive sophistication that propelled Greece from upset to upset is now part and parcel for even the lower-ranked teams at a prestigious competition such as this.

For our money, it’s tough to look past France as the team that’s the most likely to go all the way at EURO 2024. Mbappé and co. have all the skill and pedigree you need, and they were the European team to go the furthest at the 2022 World Cup, just a hair’s breadth away from back-to-back wins on the biggest stage of international football – and that’s before you look at their second-place finish at the European Championship eight years ago. With Spain, Germany and Italy in a transitional period, Belgium’s golden generation fading away with age, and England still struggling to find that X-factor in the big gest games, Les Bleus still seem to be the best bet for that coveted EURO 2024 win.

Now you’re all ready to watch and bet on this year’s Euros – be sure to bookmark the Bitsler blog for more sports coverage and analysis!

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