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The European Football Championship is one of the biggest international footy events – and whisper it, but perhaps even a little higher in quality than the World Cup nowadays – and as fan’s heart rates rise with every passing match, we’re also looking to spice things up with a boosted odds promotion to make the action even more exciting for you.

Here is how you can take advantage of Bitsler’s special EURO 2024 boosted odds offer. Stay tuned for more exciting promotions later in the tournament! There will be additional semi-final and final promotions.

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What is EURO 2024 and who are the favorites?

The UEFA EURO 2024 tournament is the seventeenth edition of the European Football Championship, pitting the best and brightest national teams of the old continent against one another. This time, after the pandemic scrambled the calendar and pushed EURO 2020 to 2021 and scattered it all across Europe, the event is right on schedule, and all of it is set to take place in Germany, a nation with a proud footballing heritage and a great track record of hosting Euros and World Cups in the past.

The pre-tournament favorites for EURO 2024 were France, England, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Spain, with a plethora of dark horses in their wake, waiting for the slightest sign of them slipping up along the way. It is still unclear who will emerge victorious, so the action continues to be super fun

The Euros have been excellent fun so far, bringing along a real fiesta of football and a sporting celebration par excellence. Why not get involved in the action by taking advantage of our EURO 2024 boosted odds offer?

Here’s how you can do it…

Bitsler’s EURO 2024 boosted odds, explained

Let’s cut right to the chase on this one: you can earn yourself up to $40 in free bet credits throughout the EURO 2024 tournament, and all you have to do is decide to play along with us.

Depending on how early you got in on the action, you have the opportunity to earn yourself four separate $10 rewards for participating in the Euros fun. For the first four weeks of this massive tournament, we will credit your account with a free $10 bet credit on top of your winnings if you ended up wagering at least $150 across EURO 2024 for the previous week. Then, it's time to reset and repeat because the action doesn't stop for a single moment in this cauldron of footballing competition! It's a fantastic way to set yourself up for the knockout stage and the business end of this truly special event.

No matter whether you go big on a single hunch or spread it out across a strategic selection of prop bets and special bets, it all counts as long as you hit the weekly $150 wager target. It’s all up to you how you approach the Euros and how you plan to take advantage of Bitsler’s EURO 2024 boosted odds for the tournament.

This promotion lasts until the end of the last quarterfinal game, so grab your bonuses while they’re hot! If this is your first time here with us, then, first of all, welcome – and you should definitely take the opportunity to create a Bitsler account to check out all the other exciting bonuses and promotions that we have to offer to you.

If you are looking for a bit more context about the event – perhaps you’re new to the world of international football or just got a bit rusty –, we’ve written up a short primer for you about the event so that you can head into the betting action with a clear understanding of what’s been going on at the Euros this year so far.

EURO 2024 format and storylines so far, explained

It is a familiar group of faces at the Euros this time around, with the Georgian national team being the only newcomers to the competition. (No, we are not talking about the US state, you cheeky buggers.) Everyone else has already been battle-tested in past editions of the competition, making for a truly spectacular affair all the way from the first kickoff on June 14 to the final whistle of the grand final on July 14.

As has been the case recently, the tournament features 24 teams, 8 of which will be whittled down in the group stage bracket heading into the sixteen-team playoffs. While there can be valid complaints made about the competitive mettle in play now that the event expanded from 16 to 24 teams in 2016, the way it all shakes out means that teams are more willing to go on the attack and try to rack up goals for the margins against teams of very different playing strengths rather than the cagey sort of stuff that characterized the Euros before. It also lets more fans of more nations get involved with the fun, which is a net benefit for all.

You see, the way it all works now is that the twelve teams that finish in the top two positions of the six different groups (which was traditionally the only way to qualify for the playoff round) are joined by four of the six third-place finishers with the best – well, in their case, “better” might be the right word to use – record. This means that almost every game counts, and everyone has something to play for, even in the final round, making for superior viewing and EURO 2024 betting experience.

So far, England has stumbled out of the blocks (go figure), Germany has surpassed all expectations, France and Spain are scary good, and Father Time seems to have caught up with the legends of Croatia – who knows how far behind Portugal’s greatest player is in that regard? It’s still all to play for and the topsy-turvy action has been super fun to wager on, and luckily for all, there is still much more to come. You can also read our EURO 2024 group stage tips and predictions (many of which have aged like milk, to be fair, as they tend to do) for some added context heading into the business end of the tournament.Hungry for more? Check out more Bitsler promotions like triple XP on selected slots games, our unique Jackpot and Epic Jackpot offers, and the daily and weekly XP Battle tournaments. No matter what your favorite gaming experience may be, you will find a special fun way to partake in it on Bitsler!

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