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Here is everything you need to know about CSGO Stats, the website, and CSGO stats, the numbers behind your performances in Counter-Strike, be it Global Offensive or CS2.

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What is CS2Stats (née CSGO Stats)?

CS2 Stats (formerly known as CSGO Stats before the new version of Counter-Strike rolled out and cannibalized Global Offensive) is a third-party stat-tracking site for players looking to improve their understanding of their own gameplay in Counter-Strike. It offers a detailed match history of your full past experience rather than just the last eight games visible inside the client, VAC ban tracking so that you can check who was a bad boy among your teammates and opponents, and additional gameplay stats that you can use to track your personal progress as you get better as a Counter-Strike player.

Its name transformation was similar to how certain skin trading and database platforms also changed their title from CSGO to CS2 after the release of the new game, like CSGO Stash or CSGO Roll. Much like in that case, the underlying content and capabilities remained essentially the same, but the name has been adjusted to keep up with the times.

Digging into the footer pages of the website shows that CS2Stats was set up by Richard Lancaster, a developer and engineering manager currently working for the ESL FACEIT Group, who also own the CSGO Stats website. It should therefore be of no surprise that the platform is also capable of tracking FACEIT matches in a separate tab.

What are the most important stats in Counter-Strike?

For a basic analysis, you can’t go wrong with the classic K/D/A, or kills/deaths/assists. ADR, or your average damage per round, will provide additional nuance. You might be one for ten in the kills department, but if you keep getting those pesky M4 headshots, you’re still making a big contribution.

Your headshot percentage is a good way to highlight your accuracy in general, and your win percentage in 1vX situations goes a long way to showcase your situational awareness and mental fortitude.

The in-game client also showcases your utility usage (ie. enemies flashed), which can also be looked at in more detailed breakdowns available on these third-party CS stats websites.

Using Counter-Strike stats for better esports betting results

As gaming and competition keeps on getting more and more professional, you need more than hunches and narratives to beat the house and find yourself in winning ways when it comes to long-term esports betting. When it comes to betting on the biggest Counter-Strike events, especially if you are looking to do so with crypto, a good understanding of the game is essential.

Unlike in matchmaking, where the guy with the best K/D ratio is going to be the undoubtedly most valuable player, the more fixed roles and the complex interplay in high-level play make it a bit more difficult to dig into the stats. For instance, the teams’ designated AWPer has to put up monster numbers to justify the $4750 investment, so don’t be awed by a 1.1 rating. In contrast, a dedicated support player or the in-game leader will look to make up for a relative lack of frags in other gameplay departments.

You also need to keep an eye out for the context. A 1.4 K/D against low-level opposition isn’t the same as a 1.05 against the elite – in fact, there may not be a correlation between them at all. The same goes for performances in a significant LAN event or a small online qualifier.

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As these examples show, CS stats are nothing by themselves if you can’t place them in context or lack the sophicaticated understanding that is required to separate the signal from the noise. That’s why reading expert analysis and discussions like the ones we keep posting on the Bitsler blog is pivotal for the best results.

Betting on Counter-Strike: Bitsler is the place to be

That being said, once you consider yourself heavily armed with knowledge about esports, Bitsler is the best place to bet on competitive games!

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What other platforms are there to keep track of your Counter-Strike stats?

With such a sprawling and committed player base to keep satisfied, it’s no wonder that there is a wide variety of platforms looking to collate and analyze their in-game data for statistical purposes. They all have their pros and cons depending on what you are looking for, but the one thing in common with all is their commitment to excellence and to help you better understand the way Counter-Strike is played.

For a short while, even Valve themselves offered an in-game stat tracker called 360 Stats for a $1 subscription fee at the tail end of the Global Offensive era that provided detailed info about your matchmaking and Wingman exploits, but the service was discontinued with the release of Counter-Strike 2. It wasn’t a particularly popular addition to begin with, as fans and players all around the world rightly complained that it offers no value for money with the many free alternatives listed above available to begin with. At the time of writing, there has been no statement from the developers as to whether they are looking to reintroduce this feature in some way to the game in the future.

Apart from CSGO Stats, and Leetify are the other two big platforms commonly used by Counter-Strike gamers to keep track of their statistics. The former offers 2D replays and a robust set of comparison tools, while the latter excels at detailed data analysis and high-quality blog content about all things CS2.

How to improve your results by using CSGO statistics

Depending on your level of play, a good understanding of your Counter-Strike stats can make a significant difference in your performance and, in turn, your competitive results in the game.

High ADR, low assists? You’re probably lurking a bit too much and have no teammates around to finish off the job, which is a really bad way to play if you’re struggling to get the kills yourself. You have the lowest headshot percentage on the server? Might be time to do some aim practice. Tons of MVP awards with few kills to show for it? Congrats, you’re not one of those people in matchmaking who keep dropping the bomb.

These are just a few of the potential insights you can glean from a deep dive into your CSGO stats, and figuring out how your overall performance is built up of tiny segments will go a long way in improving your global win percentage – the most important statistic of them all.

Getting involved with Counter-Strike crypto betting is also a great way to gain an edge when it comes to your own performances in the server, should you do your best to make the most of it. Having a little something riding on the outcome of a given pro match means that you will be all the more invested in the way the match plays out, so instead of just treating it as background noise, you will have even more incentive to pay close attention and figure out why and how a certain team or player is beating the odds. Learn their tips and tricks by osmosis, and you might find yourself punching above your way in your matchmaking adventures as well!

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CSGO Stats – everything you need to know about the platform and its namesake numbers

  • Statistics in Counter-Strike are hugely important
  • Third-party sites like CSGO Stats offer tracking services that go beyond what is available in the game
  • Popular alternatives include Leetify and
  • Studying the Counter-Strike stats can get you an edge in playing and esports betting

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