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Bitsler Version 3 - Planned February release

2018 was a busy year, and 2019 is no different. As you've probably guessed, we were hard at work again to improve your experience on Bitsler. We'll roll out another HUGE update ASAP and we have a lot more planned for the near future as well.

What to expect after the V3 update?

  • Translated website available with more language options that can be set to default
  • New URL structure - even for users and bets
  • New help center (moving away from the forum)
  • Dashboard - can be used a quick launch panel for games, promotions etc.
  • More frequent newsletters and communication on important news
  • Updated landing page
  • Cashier - better organization of transaction history
  • Better mobile compatibility on smaller devices
  • Brand new design - we've been using the old one for > 3 years
  • Lighter page weight resulting in quicker loading times
  • New notification system
  • Dice, Roulette, Cara y cruz and Multicolor game fixes
  • Quicker withdrawal times for the majority of supported currencies
  • Brand new 404 page
  • More channels for the live chat
  • New billion bets promotion

Is anything else planned? (yes - for Version 3.1)

  • Official API documentation (and much more that we will communicate at a later date)

What can I do if I have suggestions and/or bugs that should be reported?

For any suggestions that you might have, you can go to our forum at Ask_our_Staff, or you can send a message to our friendly support and finally you can talk about it to any of the moderators or staff that you see in chat which will carry over your insights.

=== FIN ===

Best wishes from all the staff at Bitsler

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