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Updated VIP Program!

We decided that we would increase the amount of time users had to level up from 1 month to 3 months. There will be no more resets back to bronze either but rather just a 1 level decrease meaning if you are Diamond level today, you will be back at Bronze in October 2020, if you don't bet at all! Officially being out of Beta stage with our VIP program we also decided to have a 3 month Double Cashback Promotion!

VIP Program changes

  1. Existing VIP program AND users that are automatically switched over on the 1st October will regain their "best-achieved rank" that they've had since the new Levels were created.
  2. 1 October 2019 00:00 AM (GMT +0) All Bitsler users will be on the new Level System (everyone will automatically join the VIP program).
  3. User levels reset every 3 months now (not every month) meaning there is more time to gain XP, level up and stay on the same Cashback percentage.
  4. Every 3 months after your level is reset to the previous level, you will gain all the chests from that rank as well as the chests from all lower levels as follows:
    • Bronze: N/a
    • Silver: 5 Bronze Chests + 5 Silver Chests
    • Gold: 5 Bronze Chests + 10 Silver Chests + 5 Gold Chests
    • Platinum: 5 Bronze Chests + 10 Silver Chests + 10 Gold Chests + 5 Platinum Chests
    • Diamond: 5 Bronze Chests + 10 Silver Chests + 10 Gold Chests + 10 Platinum Chests + 2 Diamond Chests
  5. Levels do not reset to Bronze anymore, only 1 rank is lost every 3 months

Double Cashback

  • Double Cashback Bonus will be active for 3 months, starting on 1 October 2019 00:00 AM (GMT +0) and ending on 1 January 2020 00:00 AM (GMT +0)

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