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There are many, many different cryptocurrency-focused betting platforms available for you to play on online, and one of the more intriguing options out there is called Sportsbet, also often referred to as in full with a name that matches its domain. It is a site that is just one of many interlinked crypto gaming platforms, with Bitcasino offering casino games and being primarily known for its namesake slots game offerings.

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So is a good choice with this wacky setup, and is it worth the extra hassle of creating accounts on multiple different sites if you want to get into the crypto gambling option? We produced an extensive and comprehensive review for you about and the kind of features and options it offers to you as an enterprising punter, with a set of selections for potential alternatives, too, that you might want to consider as you try to find the best crypto betting site for yourself and your interests.

Examining the legitimacy of and answering the question of whether is a scam is an important part of making this choice, as all prospective users of a crypto betting site would be expected to inquire about matters like this. Who are behind the platform, and what kind of a license do they hold? Will they honor your deposits and withdrawals? Does offer cool stuff and exciting bonuses, or do they fall short of the competition? Here is everything you need to know about and its associated crypto betting sites.

What is, and is it an alternative? Everything you need to know is an online sports betting site that was first established in the year of 2016 as part of the umbrella network currently as known as The Yolo Group (formerly called the Coingaming Group). The company behind all the sites in the network is called mBet Solutions NV, while others have occasionally referenced an owner called Moon Technologies B.V.

Like many other such crypto betting sites in the world, aims to garner legitimacy with massive marketing campaigns. They are the official partners of global football teams around the world, having previously sponsored Watford, Flamengo, Rosario, and lately, even Arsenal as part of a three-season big partnership deal. It has also nabbed up popular sporting individuals and legends like Brett Lee, one of Australia’s greatest cricket players.

With such an eclectic selection, it is perhaps of no surprise that is most popular in Latin America, primarily Brazil, but it offers a mostly global outlook with availability in most countries in the world. The United States of America is a big exception, as US residents cannot create an account or play on At the time of writing, residents of the United Kingdom also cannot partake in the action.

In either case, the company behind these platforms has a more limited license than some other actors in the crypto betting space, like Bitsler, for example, and this is the most likely explanation as to why the slots and casino games are separated out into alternative websites and companies, which are, while thoroughly crosslinked, still serve as technically individual entities. You can read more about this in our detailed Bitcasino review.

As you can easily garner from the names, handles the sports betting side of things, while primarily focuses on the slots games and offers the casino game action. This means that even if you go through the account creation process at, you will have to create separate accounts on these other two platforms if you are interested in their offerings. This is the sort of hassle most bettors and crypto users would prefer to avoid, and in many ways, the signup experience reminded us of the early days of web3, where every account and every token and each and every single coin wallet required standalone login credentials.

Can we agree that it was super annoying and that we have come a very long way since? If nothing else, it is a question of safety and trust: triple the databases, triple the compromise potential. And this is just simply unnecessary. Platforms like Bitsler serve as one-stop-shops for all your fun crypto gambling needs and interests, so this has to be chalked up as a definite huge negative for in a review.

However, in terms of a general crypto betting focus, still counts as a longstanding player in the space with the authority this implies. However, as you will see should you decide to read on, tenure often comes at the cost of innovations, and many of the elements that you would now consider standard at a cutting-edge crypto betting site are missing from the experience. features reviewed – is it worth your time?

Immediately, prospective users will find a pretty big (and quite negative) surprise upon creating an account with, namely the fact that there is absolutely no welcome bonus on offer for newcomers. There’s a reason why that is the standard approach across the industry.

As a comparison, the Bitsler welcome bonus is valid on both the casino and the sportsbook (in itself impossible on since the specific site itself does not offer casino games), and you can get a whopping 200% bonus up to $2000 on your first deposit. And that is before you look into Bitsler’s Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus, which is freely credited to your account without wagering requirements.

There are lots of options and exciting possibilities when it comes to bonuses to claim, and missing out on such a great way to generate interest from prospective players and enterprising bettors feels like a huge own goal from in our opinion.

The deposit options on match what you will find on, meaning you can only deposit with fiat currencies by using platforms similar to UTORG or MoonPay, with a small selection of popular crypto coins serving as the main deposit method. If you are a niche memecoin enthusiast, expect some friction, especially in the fees department. has also received many criticisms from users and reviewers alike across the years for their somewhat lackluster customer service, with slow and unhelpful responses – again, not too dissimilar from what has been reported about their sister sites, most specifically Bitcasino.

But of course, as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding, and for a site called, it is their sports betting offerings that will make or break your evaluation of the platform. Unfortunately, we have to report that they don’t quite live up to what it takes to match the massive global competition. While the site does offer coverage for most of the popular sports and has expanded into competitive gaming (also known as esports) over the years, the odds on offer are reported to be much worse than what you could find on a platform like Bitsler, and not all games and matches from the secondary leagues and events make it to the list of available wagers on user reviews: poor Trustpilot scores and frustrated customers

There have been many complaints and criticisms of the way’s sister site, Bitcasino, conducts itself in terms of customer service and feedback, and unfortunately, the same holds true for itself as well. Looking into online reviews has been a truly disappointing experience, as the Trustpilot score was one of the lowest in the industry we have found so far in our research and review process.

While it is certainly true that disappointed bettors and unfortunate customers can often kick up a stink in a way that is not necessarily warranted, the number and nature of criticisms leveled at in the online space has most certainly given us pause, and it is definitely worth familiarizing yourself with the common and regularly voiced complaints about the site before you decide whether it is a good idea to deposit some of your hard-earned crypto coins with them in search for a fun betting experience.

It is always important to do your research about the feedback and opinions of the many patrons participating in the online crypto betting action, such as, as reviews and analysis pieces like these can save you a lot of headache and heartache by helping you select the best crypto betting site.

So, is legit and a popular betting platform? Well, we think it is best to let some of the choice reviews speak for themselves and let’s just say they are not all saying kind words. Here is what we have found out by exploring the community feedback and reactions across the whole wide web:

Concerningly, many users have reported issues with withdrawals and losing their deposited funds under a variety of pretexts and circumstances. While we cannot confirm the veracity of any of these particular reports, the sheer volume of similar warnings was certainly enough to give us pause while writing this comprehensive review.

“My account, primarily used for sports betting, was disabled without warning, leaving me unable to place bets or access funds. Despite promptly completing their verification process upon request, I was later asked to undergo the same procedure again, which I complied with. However, despite assurances of a resolution within five business days, my funds were confiscated, and my account was permanently closed.'s reasons for these actions are vague and unsupported. I categorically deny any involvement in illicit activities as implied in their correspondence.

They seized over 4000 USDT, a direct deposit, without just cause. I have not breached their terms or used any bonuses.”

(The grammar in this review is impeccable, so you know it is super serious.)

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The complaints and criticisms go beyond the regular playing experience, as seen by this user who has had alleged issues with the referral and affiliate program:

“I fell for a scam with the affiliates program, they did not pay my commission for 5000 USD, and they blocked my account saying that I breached rules although i have proofs that everything is legitimate, and nothing is wrong. Do not fall for the scam of this website. I advise everyone not to use”

Seeing these criticisms, the odd cross-company setup and the many different kinds of much better alternatives in the crypto betting space, it is becoming increasingly harder for us to recommend in comparison with other reputable platforms such as Bitsler. competitor comparison – is it the right choice for you?

So where does ultimately come in the big field of competition in the online crypto sports betting world? While the decision is ultimately yours as to which platform you would like to choose, we believe that you should definitely consider the following factors before essaying to deposit on a platform such as or any of its crypto betting alternatives.

One thing that has to be factored in as a definite plus for is its longevity in the space, with over eight years of presence in the online world of cryptocurrency-focused betting games. However, that is essentially where our list of positive arguments runs dry, and the concerns and the criticisms flood into its wake.

The convoluted structure of separate casino, slots, and betting platforms has been a definite negative ever since was founded and launched, as it is simply a unique sort of hassle that you do not have to contend with elsewhere on similar sites like Bitsler. Of all the crypto betting platforms we have experienced and reviewed, makes it the hardest to get in on the action.

Even more concerningly for a sports betting crypto platform, the odds and markets on offer fall below the industry standard, with a variety of reviews and reports flagging better alternatives available elsewhere.Factor in the many community criticisms, the negative feedback regarding deposits and payouts, and the site’s poor Trustpilot score, and it is tough for us to recommend as a crypto betting platform. We won’t leave you hanging, though: you check out the Bitsler blog for more reviews or register an account to check out the betting and casino games available to you on this site as well!

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