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Of the wide variety of crypto betting sites available on the internet, is one of the more interesting and controversial options for an enterprising punter to check out, and if you are here reading this review, you are probably one of the many prospective users who would like to learn more about the platform and the way it operates, and most importantly, whether it is a safe place to deposit on.

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Whether Bitcasino is legit is an important subject matter to consider when you are trying to decide if it is the right platform for you, and while the site does offer some interesting options for enterprising bettors, there are many concerns to keep in mind before deciding whether it is the right place for you to get into your Bitcasino games journey, be it a brand new stop or just one of many stops along the way.

For those looking to explore the wide and exciting world of online crypto betting and slots, it is important to take your time and study how the various websites compare with each other and which offer the kind of features you are looking for. No doubt this can be a tricky and somewhat time-consuming process about Bitcasino, but if you really think about it, it is much like how you would research the RTP of the slots game of your choice or the teams and players involved with the big match you are looking to place a bet on. Deciding whether a site like Bitcasino is the right place to deposit your crypto funds is a very similar matter, and here is where reviews like this one come in and can help you make a well-informed and thoroughly considered decision.

So, is Bitcasino a safe and legitimate option for online crypto betting? Is it provably fair, and does it offer the sort of games and bonuses you would be interested in? What do other users have to say, and how has the platform changed and improved across the year? We collated a comprehensive review and analysis for you to make it easier to answer these questions – and if you decide to read on, you will learn the answers to every single one of them. is an online crypto casino site that was founded in 2014 and has been going strong ever since. The website holds a Curacao eGaming license but its ownership situation is somewhat unclear, as some records suggest it is owned by a company called mBet Solutions NV while others have referenced an owner called Moon Technologies B.V. This could, in part, be due to the fact that separate Bitcasino platforms are responsible for the casino and sports betting side of things on the site, likely because of the different regulatory and licensing framework required for these two sides of the coin. is a part of what is known as The Yolo Group (formerly called the Coingaming Group), and it is part of an umbrella of sites offering different kinds of wagering action. As the names suggest, handles the sports betting side of things, while primarily focuses on the slots games. When you register with an account on, you will still be required to create separate profiles on these other websites related to Bitcasino, so from a user perspective, the connection is marginal at best and requires separate pieces of analysis to decide whether they are worth your while and if they are the correct choice for you. We also offer a separate review on (link here), which you can check out for further information on the Bitcasino platform’s sports betting offerings.

Unfortunately, even with these alternative websites built into the platform, Bitcasino still does not offer a poker experience for players, which is a shame. This mishmash of features and separate registrations also comes in as a negative in the ease of access department for most users, and it can be especially concerning from a Bitcasino audience standpoint once you consider that all your data and registration information will be handled by not one, but multiple entities, raising potential safety concerns for the future. But even if you don’t have issues from a trust and safety perspective with Bitcasino or, this is simply just an extra set of hassles that users of a different crypto betting platform like Bitsler do not need to deal with whatsoever.

In terms of deposit options on Bitcasino, the site focuses exclusively on cryptocurrencies, with fiat methods only available via the use of platforms like MoonPay or UTORG. Bitcasino has a limited selection of crypto coin deposits, handling only a handful of the largest types (BTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE, USDT, ADA, LTC, TRX, BNB and BUSD), which is also somewhat of a disappointment from the perspective of a site that does not normally allow fiat deposit methods. It is also important to note that many Bitcasino users have reported additional fees that crop up along the deposit process, which can come as a surprise if you are not careful.

As for the important matter of withdrawals, only ewallets like Coinbase and WalletConnect are facilitated on the Bitcasino platform and only denominated in one of the ten crypto coin options listed in the previous paragraph. Reports suggest that Bitcasino limits the daily maximum withdrawals to a limit of 1 BTC, and if you deposited with Moonpay, the site gives itself a 48-hour window beyond the normal instant withdrawals. In this department, Bitcasino falls a bit short of industry competitors, and it is definitely worth considering whether this could be a dealbreaker for you.

Looking at the games available on Bitcasino, we need to once again separately look at the various platforms managed under this one umbrella. Bitcasino itself offers over three thousand slots games and a small selection of casino games for you to enjoy. Not much else is available directly on this platform, as the sportsbook features are ferried out to sister site, which provides a serviceable selection of markets, including niche sports and competitive video games (also known as esports), but worse odds than what you can find elsewhere in the space, including platforms like Bitsler.

Bitcasino user feedback and trust score

It is always important to do some digging as to what other users and professionals have to think about a crypto betting platform like Bitcasino  that you consider becoming a patron of, as there are many factors to consider and tons of alternative websites out there, so trust and safety considerations and the available feature set are both very vital to get a good understanding of, especially for a site like Bitcasino that has a somewhat unusual structure across its different product offerings.

So it a legit online betting platform? Its long track record in the space certainly points towards yes, but that does not necessarily mean that it offers the best possible experience for enterprising punters. This is especially the case once you factor in the kind of user reviews and feedback you can find about Bitcasino all around the world wide web, which might best be summarized by that beloved and all-encompassing expression used by youngsters everywhere on social media (and not just about Bitcasino or our good old friend, the grimacing face emoji.

That is right - 😬 is the best we’ve got if we had to summarize the kind of discussion we found about Bitcasino online while we were doing our research for this review and analysis piece. You do not  have to take our word for it, though: let us go on and showcase what exactly it is that we have spotted across the various online platforms providing user space to review Bitcasino and similar such sites.

For starters, there is a popular Reddit thread that crops up pretty prominently when you search for online, and while it does have its fair share of spammy shilling going on, there is enough criticism in there that it is worth taking a look and judging its veracity for yourself.

Taking a notable example, here is one of the comments from the thread looking at the potential issues with Bitcasino:

“Tried Bitcasino again last year. Deposited $150. But when it was the time for withdrawal, I completed the KYC, although they did not approve it, and said that I have created multiple accounts with different emails (although I've created only one account, the one I used back in the days), and by that I have allegedly broken their TOS rules. Which means I cannot withdraw. So I just lost my $150 in deposits + $80 in winnings like that. I argued with them for a while but eventually gave up on them.”

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Perhaps you can look past the notes above, but the rabbit hole goes deeper here. Diving deep into’s Trustpilot page, you’ll find a mere 2.7/5 rating, which is quite lower than what we could report for competitor sites, even once you factor in the salty reports from unsophisticated users. Again, 😬 is the name of the game, in our humble opinion.

Of the many recurring concerns with Bitcasino’s operation on Trustpilot, here is a doozy of a review with a long and circuitous story about a problematic withdrawal. We are including this one in full below because the specifics of the process involved with cashing out from can always be a sticking point for enterprising bettors, not to mention the fact that the larger-than-usual deposit fees and the limited game selection on itself could compound each other to a level where you might be interested in considering an alternative.

“Customer "service". They waterboarded me for 6 days to get 220€ out. I deposited and wanted to test the "instant withdrawal" claim. First my withdrawal was declined 3 times without any message or explanation. After contacting chat they gave me the security email and told me to send an email. I did, and 3 days later no reply. I came back to chat to ask again, as there was no reply. Agent told me that I can withdraw now. I tried and again, the withdrawal was pending for 30 minutes and was declined. Came back to chat again, again got a message to contact security email which I did and there was no reply AGAIN.

 Just ridiculous behaviour, chat is useless, you can replace them with bots if they can't give any reasonable information. 2 emails from security team not replied at all. All of a sudden my withdrawal was processed, I just kept requesting it over and over again. In the end, I have no idea what happened, why have I contacted their security email as they didn't reply anything and the chat support couldn't give me any information. Closed my account for good, there are FAR BETTER casinos that value all of their customers equally.”

It is also important to note that Bitcasino does not offer the same sort of user bonuses that you might have become accustomed to elsewhere in the space, immediately funneling people into their loyalty scheme program, which can be beneficial if you become a long-term user on the Bitcasino platform, but it will not let you pick up the sort of big deposit bonuses as a newcomer that you could get yourself on sites like Bitsler. This matches the content of one of the reviews we have found online about Bitcasino, which also criticized the availability of modern games:

“Cashbacks for levels are low. I spend from 5 to 15k usd monthly and want to have more offers and cashbacks. Also not all the games are updated fast. Other casinos have already released new games from 3oaks and on bitcasino game is still not there.”

So, with these drawbacks in mind, is Bitcasino the best choice for you? While only you can make the decision in the end, we have put together a short summary and some additional pointers to help you make up your mind. You know, for 😬’s sake.

Bitcasino and competitors – contrast and comparison

Even though Bitcasino has a longstanding tenure in the crypto betting world and the site offers a wide variety of slots games, the platform itself offers no sports betting or poker games, relying on sister sites instead with separate registrations and regulatory framework. This is not the common approach in the industry, as sites like Bitsler hold appropriate licenses to offer all these casino offerings in one place.

Bitcasino is also noted for additional deposit fees and the lack of direct fiat deposit options, which are other factors worth considering before you decide to create an account with them.

Punters have also flagged’s unique loyalty bonus system as an interesting alternative, offering an immediate VIP pathway instead of a first deposit bonus to newcomers, which is something your mileage may vary on.

At the end of the day, Bitcasino is a longstanding platform in the crypto betting space with a handful of negatives surrounding an otherwise strong product. Having a good understanding of what feature set you are looking for is important before you make a decision on where to deposit, but rest assured that you always have the option to shop around and check out multiple platforms like to see which one works best for you.We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive review of and you will check out the Bitsler blog for more reviews, or register an account to check out the betting and casino games available to you on this site as well!

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