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New and improved Lottery Promotion!

The daily lottery promotion has been running for well over 2 years now! It's changed quite a lot over time and will probably keep on changing a lot as time goes on, but for now we are very happy about how easy it is to use the lottery, understand it as well as winning from it! One of the biggest changes besides the MASSIVE prizes is introducing provably fairness and not doing it manually anymore.


  • Eligible players can submit a qualifying bet to the lottery and win prizes if their bet results/numbers match (partly) the lottery result.
  • When comparing entries to the lottery result, numbers are read from left to right.
  • There is no cap on the amount of winners per round i.e. unlimited winners.
  • If you win, you need to claim your prize to have it added to your balance.


  • Players need to have at least GOLD I benefits to be able to take part in the Daily Lottery.
  • The bet has to be made during the lottery countdown of that day. This is from 17:00 GMT till 16:59 GMT on the next day.
  • Bets from all games can be submitted, but for non-dice bets we use the promo roll result for your entry. This can be easily seen at the bet details.
  • Bet win chance must be between 0.01% and 90%.
  • Minimum amounts for the bet are updated every day and shown at the Daily Lottery tab.
  • Anonymous bets cannot be submitted.
  • Eligible players can only join with 1 bet/entry a day and you cannot change your entry.

Provably Fair!

We generate a seed and a SHA-512 hash of the seed. The seed is used to generate the lottery result with the same calculation as dice. The exact code is shown below. You get the SHA-512 hash when the lottery starts, so you can verify afterwards that we used the predetermined lottery result and therefor it was provably fair.


while($number > 999999);
$luckyNumber = ($number % 10000) / 100;
echo $luckyNumber;

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