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New and improved Billion Bets Promotion!

The Billion Bets promotion has been running for almost 3 years now! It's changed quite a lot over time and will probably keep on changing a lot as time goes on, but for now we are very happy about how easy it is to take part, understand it as well as winning from it! One of the biggest changes besides the MASSIVE prizes is making it a lot more fair for all players as well as not doing it manually anymore.


A $5,000 prizepool will be shared between 50 winners. The first winner is the player who makes the billionth bet. The 49 other winners are the players who get the same roll number as the billionth bet. A winner gets points based on their VIP level and bet amount. We use these points to determine their share of the prizepool.


  • Players need to be at least BRONZE I (old level players cannot participate.)
  • Players that "hide their username from the bet lists" cannot participate.
  • Any bet amount below the minimum of $1.00 will not be able to win.
  • The player who makes the billionth bet will be always one of the winners, regardless of VIP level and bet amount requirements. Potential anonymous bet will be public and still be one of the winners.
  • The bet result doesn't need to be a win itself and bet chance doesn't matter.
  • Bets from all games can win, but for non-dice bets we use the promo roll number for your entry. This can be seen at the bet details (by clicking on the bet ID #.)


  • $5,000 split between 50 winners.
  • Winner's share of prizepool depends on VIP level and bet amount (see details below.)
  • A player can only win once in each event.
  • Prizes will be paid in bitcoin and within 24 hours after all 50 winners are known.

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