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Betting on popular sports like cricket can be fun, but winning big rewards can make the experience even more rewarding and memorable. Elevate this with cricket betting strategies.

Join us as we cover everything from the basics of cricket betting to details you need to know and, most importantly, the strategies and tips that can help you win huge payouts. Learn all about it here at Bitsler.

Understanding the cricket betting basics 

Cricket betting works similarly to how you would bet on other sports in a sportsbook. Before betting on a match, you can set your preferred odds formats for convenient viewing. 

Once that’s done, look at all the betting markets and leagues available for the sport. After finding a betting market you want to bet on, look for betting guides on how to maximize your bets. 

Then, you can place your bets and enjoy its thrilling and unpredictable gameplay. It is what makes cricket a fun sport to watch and bet on. Use your knowledge of the sport to make good betting decisions for an even better experience.

Cricket betting odds: Formats to choose from

You can view your cricket betting odds and payout probabilities in different ways. Check them out below: 

Moneyline odds

In this betting format, moneyline odds are used to wager on the winning side of a match. Each team receives odds, marked with a minus (-) for the favoured team and a plus (+) for the underdog. 

The negative odds mean the team needs to achieve a specific score to win, while positive odds show a potential profit on the wager. 

Deciding between the two is important, as plus (+) odds promise higher but riskier rewards, while minus (-) odds offer smaller rewards with comparatively lower risks.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds offer a numerical way of looking at the potential payout for a successful bet, expressed as decimals like 1.50 or 2.00. These numbers indicate the total amount you stand to win for every $1 bet, including your initial stake. 

For example, if you wager $100 in a bet with 2.00 odds and win, you get $200. The higher the number, the higher your reward but the lower its winning probability. 

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are commonly denoted by the slash (/) or hyphen (-) symbols alongside the numbers. Using numbers and the slash or hyphen between shows the potential profit in a fractional form, where the left side depicts the potential profit, while the right side represents the stake involved.

Betting markets in cricket you should know

Learn about the betting markets you can join and bet on in cricket below: 

Over/Under Line  

Over/Under bets involve predicting whether the match's score will exceed or fall below a specified threshold. This type of betting market requires patience from the player, as you must wait for the entire match to conclude before the results of your wager are determined. 

Top batter

In cricket's top batter market, the focus is on forecasting the player who will accumulate the most runs for their team in a specific match or innings. 

Unlike considering the overall match winner, this bet focuses on the highest-scoring batter. Each player is assigned odds based on form, match-up, and batting position. Bettors select the player they believe will lead in runs, specify the wager amount, and confirm the bet. 

Successful bets result in payouts once the match concludes.

Point Spread betting

Point spread betting grants a handicap to the 'favorite' team meaning that this team needs to win by a specific margin of points. Conversely, the 'underdog' receives extra points to enhance their chances of winning. 

Bettors must predict if the favoured team will win despite the point difference or if the underdog will win with the extra points. 

Because this betting market focuses on in-game outcomes rather than overall results, punters can root for their favorite underdog teams without worry.

Straight bet

Straight bets require players to predict the specific outcome of a match, like betting on the winning team. As the name implies, this is one of the most straightforward bets you can make in sports betting.

Cricket betting methods: How to bet effectively in cricket 

Now let’s look at the various betting methods you can use for cricket and how they can improve your chances of winning. Remember to consider what kind of gambler you are and your betting style to find which cricket betting winning strategy best suits you.

Dogon strategy 

The Dogon betting strategy in cricket involves doubling your wager amount after losing a bet to recover the losing bets in the past. If you get a winning round and recoup previous losses, you restart the strategy and bet using your initial wagering amount. 

For this method to work best, start with a smaller wagering amount relative to your bankroll and bet at odds of at least 2.00 to stay safe. In addition, bettors following this need to analyse the current happenings in a match to find differences between the match predictions and the actual developments.

Flat Betting strategy 

The flat betting strategy is straightforward as it has players betting the same amount per round regardless of the outcome of previous rounds. 

It’s simple to execute, but the challenge lies in determining how much you will bet each round. This will depend on how healthy your bankroll is, how much you wish to earn and how much you’re willing to lose. 

Successfully executing this requires a good amount of discipline from the bettor and knowledge about risk analysis. 

Taking all of this into account makes this strategy perfect for more conservative bettors and those who want to avoid making complex computations throughout the game. 

D’Alembert Strategy 

The D’Alembert method has players increasing their wager for each losing bet, thus making it a risky but rewarding strategy depending on the wager increments.

To use this strategy effectively, players must increase their bets after a loss while decreasing them after a win. 

Because the increments are not doubled immediately, this approach is more manageable than other riskier betting systems. This strategy is more involved and complex than the Dogon strategy, but both rely on recouping losing bets instead of maximising wins.

The Danish betting strategy

The Danish betting strategy is a more aggressive strategy revolving around increasing your betting amount for each losing bet. This method takes the D’Alembert strategy and modifies it to double your wager specifically instead of simply increasing it.

As a result, this type of betting strategy is ideal for bettors who want to recoup their losses quickly and those with a healthy enough bankroll to endure losing rounds.

The tank attack strategy

Last is the tank attack strategy, where punters select a betting market and make multiple bets on the same result. This type of bet is ideal for punters who believe in high-risk and high-reward betting styles. It’s also ideal for those who prefer betting markets like the money line bet where players bet on the result of the match.

For example, you place five $10 money line bets on a historically strong cricket team versus a newly-formed one, believing they will win against the latter team. Your team wins, so you win $50 from your wagers. 

This example shows that a high degree of knowledge of the teams and leagues and a healthy bankroll can make successful bets using this strategy.

Strategies and rips for successful cricket betting  

To truly maximize your bets, we need to combine the betting methods we discussed with the strategies for successful online cricket betting in this section. From researching various betting tools to learning the probabilities of a team winning through research, learn all about our winning tips for cricket betting here!

Research and analyse the players and teams

Before you place any bets, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the various online cricket leagues and teams. This knowledge enhances your understanding of a team, their potential performance in a season and team dynamics.

You can then analyse all these pieces of data and make informed predictions on your next big bets, increasing the chances of landing successful wagering. 

Manage and understand your bankroll

Effective money management involves documenting and controlling your losses and profits while staying disciplined in your spending habits for gambling.

This can be as simple as recording games and earnings in a sheet or employing sophisticated bankroll management apps. Regardless of complexity, understanding and managing your bankroll is critical to ensure you have enough funds for your future bets. 

Creating and sticking to a personal bankroll system addresses issues like overspending, using non-gambling funds, and depleting bankroll accounts. Tailor your bankroll management to your betting style, goals, and current funds to optimize your gambling experience and lengthen your gambling sessions.

Documenting and reviewing a team's season-long performance provides much data you can analyse and find trends. You could also search for sports statistics sites and find trends from there. These trends will help you pinpoint aspects of a match or tournament, like which players to look out for and what match-ups to avoid.

To create your data sheet and find these valuable data points, create a spreadsheet detailing crucial information like match history, scores, fouls, and goals. For a thorough assessment, compare past and current data, considering factors such as roster changes, coaching transitions, and shifts in opposing teams.

With this cricket betting tip executed properly, you can keep up with the current betting trends many other successful sports bettors follow.

Utilize betting tools

Tools like odds checkers, betting calculators, and bankroll management enhance the sports betting experience, especially for those looking to make a sizeable profit. 

Each of these tools works differently. Odds checkers will compare various bookmakers' odds that give players more betting options. 

On the other hand, betting calculators make calculating profits and wagering amounts easier, helping with quick decision-making. 

Lastly, bankroll management tools and apps help gamblers set financial goals and limits while tracking their expenses, wagers and profits.

Cricket betting tutorial: How to bet on cricket at Bitsler 

With everything you need to know about online cricket betting under your belt, you can start betting for big payouts at Bitsler! 

Here’s how you can place your bets and use winning strategies for a fun and rewarding cricket betting experience:

  1. Sign up at the Bitsler sports betting platform by clicking ‘Register’ at the top left corner. Enter the required details and complete the registration process.
  2. Deposit funds into your account. Choose from 30 cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, USDT, DOGE, ETH and XRP. Scan the QR code with your crypto wallet or copy-paste the wallet address. Finalize the process on your app.
  3. Head to the Cricket section and browse the matches you can bet on.
  4. Choose which odds you want to wager and click on them. Finalize your cricket bets in the bet slip and click ‘Place Single Bet’.
  5. Watch the match live to see how each bet is faring. Wait for the results to see if you won your bets.

Bet wisely and win in cricket betting at Bitsler!

Betting on cricket matches with strategies is easier than ever at Bitsler. With an account and funds in your deposit, you can start your cricket betting journey on the premiere sportsbook and online casino today. 

Join Bitsler today and feel excited when you play exclusive casino games and bet on your favorite sports teams! Keep betting and climbing the ranks to become a VIP and grab promotions and VIP-only perks that will change your gambling experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best betting strategy for cricket?

The best betting strategies for cricket involve doing extensive research on your chosen teams and leagues, using betting tools, and following betting trends from good data.

Doing all of this will improve your chances of winning your cricket bets.

What sports are available on Bitsler to bet on?

Bitsler offers a variety of sports to bet on. Some of the most popular include American football, soccer, basketball, and cricket.

Cricket is a famous sport for betting, especially in India, Australia and England. The sport also has various leagues and an active worldwide fanbase.

How to win in cricket betting?

While there is no guaranteed way to win in cricket betting, there are strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning and maximize your bets. 

Some of these strategies include managing your bankroll and following comprehensive betting trends.

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