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Learning how to bet on cricket matches starts with understanding its formats. We're talking about mechanics, tournaments and available cricket betting markets for each one, to name a few. Once you know how they work, you can pick a match and bet more confidently on a team.

What are the cricket formats?

Cricket has three formats: Test match, Twenty20 (T20) International cricket and One Day International (ODI) cricket. They all follow the same rules, with two teams of eleven battling to get the most runs, and vary in gameplay length. 

Of the three, test matches are the longest, with a match lasting 5 days. On the other hand, T20 is the shortest, with a game lasting only for 3 hours. Learn more about each format in our overview below.

Test matches 

Year started1877
Match duration5 days/7 hours per day
Dress codeWhite tees and trousers
Ball colorRed ball
Innings per side2
Over per inningsUnlimited; 90 overs each day

Test matches or test cricket is the traditional form of the game. It’s the highest-level format, which requires mental and physical strength to excel. It’s a five-day format of two innings each for two teams.

Here’s how a test match cricket works: 

  1. Team A bats first to score a run.
  2. Team B gets to bat if Team A declares their innings or all-out.
  3. Team B should score more runs to stand a good chance.
  4. Team A gets to bat for the second time and sets a target for Team B.
  5. Team B has to reach the target in the time left and overs to be bowled.
  6. If Team B goes all-out during the chase in the second innings, Team A is considered the winner; otherwise, the match is a tie.

One-Day Internationals

Year started1971
Match duration1 day/7-8 hours per day
Dress codeColored clothing
Ball colorWhite ball
Innings per side1
Over per innings50
DrawCannot be

The ODIs or One-Day Internationals is a quicker format of cricket than the Test match. This format started in 1971 but became popular in the 1980s. One of the most popular cricket leagues, the ICC Cricket World Cup, uses this format. In this type, each team has one innings of 50 overs per side. 

Here’s how the ODI matches work:

  1. Team A bats first to set a target for Team B in 50 overs.
  2. Team B must chase the target in the same number of overs. 
  3. If Team B fails to do so, Team A is considered the winner, whether or not Team A bowls out Team B.

T20 International

Year started2005
Match duration3 hours
Dress codeColored clothing
Ball colorWhite ball
Innings per side1
Over per innings20
DrawCannot be

Twenty20 International, or T20, is the latest format of cricket, which is also the fastest and shortest game out of the three. Because of this format, cricket became popular in countries like the Netherlands, Malaysia, Canada and the United States. 

A Twenty20 International match is normally played in three hours and features massive hitting, brilliant bowling and outstanding fielding, making it extremely popular with spectators worldwide. 

Here’s how a T20I match works:

  1. Team A sets a target for Team B in 20 overs.
  2. Team B must reach the target in the amount of overs allotted while batting second.
  3. If Team B meets the aim, they are declared the winner; otherwise, Team A is declared the winner.
  4. Even if Team A prevents Team B from achieving the requisite number of runs and does not get bowled out, Team A is proclaimed the winner.

How cricket betting works

At Bitsler, you can place your wager on ongoing tournaments and leagues before or during a match. Bet on the outcome of a match, the next wicket, the total runs scored in a specific period or the method of a batsman's dismissal. You can also find traditional betting options like moneyline, handicap, point spread and parlays.  

Here’s a guideline on how cricket betting works at Bitsler:

  1. Select a cricket league

Open the side panel and click the cricket section or tab to see the available events, leagues or tournaments. 

bitsler-cricket betting guide-image 1

You can find the events in the ‘Competitions’ section. Bitsler provides a list of current, upcoming or scheduled cricket events for you to choose from.

bitsler-cricket betting guide-image 2
  1. Choose betting options

Once you've selected a cricket event or league, you'll see the countries or teams competing per match. Click the team or country you are supporting, then choose your preferred betting option. 

bitsler-cricket betting guide-image 3

These options may include the match winner (betting on which team you think will win the match), tie, team with top batter or bowler, highest score, total runs scored and other outcomes.

bitsler-cricket betting guide-image 4
  1. Place your wager

Set the amount you want to wager on the bet slip on the right-side panel. You can add more than one bet and place parlay bets at the same time.

bitsler-cricket betting guide-image 5

Find the total bet and estimated payouts at the bottom. Once you’re satisfied with your bets, click ‘Place Single Bet’. Now you’ll just have to wait for the game’s outcome and see if you’ve bet right.

Cricket tournaments you can bet on 

As the second-most watched sport in the world, cricket has lots of the most-awaited leagues and tournaments. From International tournaments to the Simulated Reality League, you can place a cricket bet on them all at Bitsler.

Here are the leagues and tournaments to wager on at Bitsler:

International tournaments

Many national teams compete in international competitions, which are held in certain months according to the cricket calendar. These tournaments feature all the cricket action you need for Bitsler cricket betting. 

  • World Cup - The Cricket World Cup occurs every four years and consists of multiple preliminary qualification stages followed by a final competition.
  • T10 European Cricket Championship - The T10 European Cricket Championship is for the European countries associated with the International Cricket Council.
  • T20 World Cup - The T20 World Cup is the premier competition for the T20 format, which is held every two years.
  • T20 Asian Games - The T20 Asian Games is part of the T20 World Cup, a qualifying stage where 15 Asian Games Cricket teams participate.
  • T20 Americas Qualifier - The T20 Americas Qualifier is part of the qualification process for the T20 World Cup in the Americas region.

Simulated Reality League

Enjoy cricket betting with AI in the Simulated Reality League. It offers an immersive experience where predetermined algorithms determine the outcome of the games based on statistical analysis and probability models. This type of league uses machine learning and stats from over 50,000 games to create hyper-real sports simulations.

Some of the leagues you can wager on are:

  • Big Bash League SRL - The Big Bash League SRL is an Australian professional franchise Twenty20 cricket league.
  • Pakistan Super League SRL - The Pakistan Super League SRL is a professional Twenty20 cricket league launched in 2015.
  • SA T20 League SRL - The SA T20 League is South Africa's premier T20 simulated-reality cricket league started in January 2023.
  • Caribbean Premier League SRL - The Caribbean Premier League SRL is the AI-driven replicated version of the popular Caribbean Premier League.
  • Premier League SRL - The Premier League SRL is the AI-simulated counterpart of the Indian Premier League.

Cricket betting types: Markets to bet on

Bitsler offers many cricket betting market types, from typical match betting to fun specials. See the variations of betting markets you can choose from below.

Match betting

In this bet type, you wager on the team you think will win the game. Match betting is straightforward, as you just have to wait for the game to end to know the match's outcome and if you win your bet. You can also bet tie here.

Players betting

You have a variety of options when you wager in the players' betting market. In this type, you can wager on the total performance of a player, top batter, top bowler, team with top bowler and batter and any player to score 100 and 50. 


Wager on the outcome within a specific inning of a game in this betting market. You can also bet on the dismissal method, totals and other specific events.


This type of betting market refers to the totals of the game. You can wager on whether the total will be under or over a certain amount. 


The total betting market offers two options: Total fours and Total sixes. In Total Fours, you’re wagering on how many fours a team will hit in a match. Is it under or over the set number provided by Bitsler? On the other hand, you choose whether a team will score over or under the set number of sixes in Total sixes. 


This type of betting market gives a light and fun wagering on cricket. You can find here the option on which team will win the coin toss since the match starts by tossing the coin on who will bat or bowl first. 

Cricket betting odds: Bet with these formats

Odds tell a bet’s chances of winning. They’re calculated differently and tell you how much you can win if you bet on it. 

Of the many betting odds Bitsler offers, decimals and fractions are the most popular. They’re two of the most widely offered sports betting odds available. Learn more about them below.


Decimal or European odds are a type of betting odds in decimal form, where the numbers are always positive. In this type, the favorites have lower numbers, while the underdogs have higher values. 


Fractional odds, also known as British odds, are a type of betting odds with slashes (/) or hyphens (-). The left side of the slash, or numerator, represents the amount you win, while the right side, or denominator, represents the amount you must stake. The underdog is the one with the least number on its left side, and vice versa.

Cricket betting tips and strategies

You have a lot of options and odds to consider in cricket betting. Here are more tips and strategies to help you get started in online cricket betting. 

Know the different formats and rules

Learn the format of the particular tournament you’re wagering on. This will help you choose the teams and players to bet on, as different tournaments have distinct formats. An example is the ICC Cricket World Cup, which uses the ODI format. 

Learn about the team and players you’re supporting

The best cricket betting strategy is betting on teams and players you know are capable of winning. Research the teams and players you’re wagering on and even those they’re playing against. This means analyzing player statistics and team forms since these can impact the outcome of the match.

Know where the match takes place

Consider where your preferred team is playing. If a team plays in their home stadium, they are more likely to do well since they will feel the support of their community, friends, and family. If not, they might 

Check the weather

External factors, like the weather, play an important role in a cricket match. When it rains, the speed of the ball slows down since the bowlers will have difficulty gripping the ball. That’s why it’s important to consider the weather conditions before the match and make your bet.

How to bet on cricket at Bitsler

Bet on your favorite cricket team at Bitsler! Claim various promotions that will earn you prizes. Before doing that, you have to register an account and deposit money. Here’s how:

Create an account

  1. Go to the Bitsler page.
  2. Click the ‘Register’ button in the top right corner.
  3. Type in your email address and password twice.
  4. To proceed, confirm that you're 18 years old and above and have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy.
  5. Go to your email and click the confirmation link sent by Bitsler to verify your account.
  6. Input your desired username.

Deposit funds

  1. Click the ‘Deposit’ button.
  2. Select the currency you wish to deposit.
  3. Copy your deposit address as well as any extra required details (such as memo ID/destination tag) to your wallet.
  4. Follow the next instructions on your wallet to finish the process. 

Choose your preferred cricket league

With funds deposited into your account, it’s time to select the cricket league you want to bet on. Choose from the available cricket leagues you can find in the ‘Competition’ section of cricket sports betting. 

Place your bets

Now, it’s time to place your wager on the team that you think will win or who will be the top batter player. Choose the odds, enter the amount you want to wager and place your single bet.

Bat your way to winning bets at Bitsler

Expect an exceptional cricket betting experience here at Bitsler. Offering the best betting odds, fast deposit time and rewarding bonuses, there’s nothing more you need to enjoy sports betting. What are you waiting for? Create an account and place your wager on Bitsler’s cricket sports matches. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to win in cricket betting?

You can win in cricket betting if you have the best strategies, such as mastering the gameplay, knowing the rules, and familiarizing yourself with different formats of cricket. 

Where can I bet on cricket online?

Bet on your favorite cricket teams online at Bitsler, one of the leading sports betting sites you can find.

Is it safe to bet on cricket online?

Yes, it is, mainly if you bet at Bitsler, which has a betting license from the government of Curacao.

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