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Bitsler Coin (BTSLR) Bonus

Bitsler Coin is a cool idea that we've had for a very long time but only recently started working on. As of today the faucet is obsolete (permanently) and has been replaced with BTSLR which is a coin that you can use to take part in the daily and weekly challenges. Ending with the highest balance will result in you getting the largest prize. We consider this approach to be a lot better/safer/fairer towards Bitsler and our players in the long run regarding issues of abuse, fairness and prize distribution.

The current structure and implementation of Bitsler Coins and the connected daily & weekly challenges are subject to change in the future as we iron out the rough edges and any bugs that we might encounter. The basics of Bitsler Coin should stay unchanged for the most part however.

You can claim your share of Bitsler Coins (claim amount is dependent on your level currently) on the left menu. You can claim every 15 minutes even if you have balance in BTSLR or in other currencies. You will be able to check who's in the lead for the daily challenges as well as for the weekly challenges. There is also an info tab which you can read through if you have any additional questions or feel free to ask our friendly chat or support.

$25,000.00 will be up for grabs in the remainder of 2018 and $260,000.00 will be paid out in 2019 for these challenges. Each player has a chance to win a share of the prizes so don't miss out!

NB: If you see any mistakes, typos, errors or if you have any suggestions ~ feel free to message support. (Many players win small bounties every day by reporting problems to the staff.)

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