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One of Bitsler's most exciting betting features is the ability for you to cash out from a bet before the game in question even concludes. This offers many strategic options and multitudes of fun possibilities for you as a bettor. Though the feature might seem confusing at first, you'll easily understand its ins and outs by reading this detailed guide about our recent wallet update.

What is cash out betting?

Cashout betting is Bitsler's brand new offering across the entirety of its sports product: it allows you to always stay in control of your bet by giving you extra options during the match. With it, you can settle bets at any time, even if the game is still in progress. Our system will calculate a payout and a fee based on the state of the match at the time. This way, you can lock in most of your potential winnings without risking the loss of it all! Whether it's traditional sports or esports, live or pre-match betting, we've got you covered – cash out betting is available to you should you choose to make use of it! Our solution offers extra long uptime and unprecedented flexibility for you and your fellow bettors. Here's how it works: Once you've placed a bet, you can navigate to the My Bets section of your account and take a look at your existing wagers. Here, our system will automatically generate a payout option for you: if you accept it, the money will immediately get credited to your account, no matter how the match in question proceeds! This is a great way to add nuance to your betting experience and the potential range of outcomes, giving you even more control of your wagering strategy.

How you can make the most of Bitsler's cashout betting feature

There are many different scenarios, where cashing out ahead of time can be a winning move. Read on for a couple of examples to understand just how versatile cash out betting is for you:

Locking in a shaky bet

You just placed a bet on your favorite football team to win an important game. They score a scrappy goal and take a 1-0 lead into the half-time break, but they are all over the place, nervous and not at all likely to hold out until the final whistle. In situations like this, bettors used to have to watch on helplessly as the game fell apart: now there's the option to just cash out for a portion of the potential winnings, securing a W for yourself even if the game ultimately doesn't turn out the way you've expected it to.

Securing a parlay

Suppose you made a parlay of four matches, and you've got the first three down pat, winning them all. Perhaps you'd like to get out while you're ahead instead of sweating through the fourth one and potentially missing out on a payout? With cashout betting, you have the option to do so: should the fee be acceptable to you, you can take the money and run, safe in the knowledge of a job well done!

You can't watch the whole game, but you'd still like to join in on the fun

Some bettors would rather not wager on a game they can't watch in full, because part of the fun is sweating the potential outcome. With cash out betting, it doesn't matter when you arrive and when you have to leave: you can get the same experience and finalize the result with just a push of a button. This gives you even more opportunities to spice up your sports-viewing time, even when you can't commit to, say, the whole best-of-five seven-hour CS:GO esports grand final bonanza.

Loss mitigation options for smartypants

Veteran bettors sometimes accept a small loss and lock it in to avoid a larger one by placing a bet for the other potential outcome in the match while it's still live. This way, they will lose out on some money no matter who ends up winning, but it also means that they won't lose their entire wager. This also known as "hedging" among the more experienced folks. Cash out betting opens up a whole new world of possibilities in this regard for the number-crunching bettors, making it even more worthwhile to check out!

It's just more fun to bet this way

Tick tock, the clock is ticking. Will you hold or will you fold? Placing a regular bet just doesn't bring the same sort of rush: every second, every play, every move of the match can make things turn on a dime. Is that a crack in the defense you see, or just a trick of your eyes? Is it time to press that button or should you stick around just a little longer? Nothing quite compares to this. Cash out betting pushes your predictive and analytic abilities to the limit and offers a great new way to enjoy the action.

Bitsler Cashout – five reasons to try the new feature

Even if you're experienced in traditional betting and you're happy with the adrenaline surge and the excitement it brings, you should still give cashout betting a go. Here are a few reasons why:

More decision points mean better chances to win

If you know your stuff, you can take advantage of additional opportunities to impart your wisdom on the proceedings. If you can smell an upset coming or correctly realize that the current result won't hold until the end of the game, you can significantly increase your expected value compared to the traditional betting outcomes.

You're rewarded for actively following the match

Has it ever happened to you that you forgot about a bet you made and only realized after the fact, staring at your lost stake? With cash out betting, you get tangible benefits from following the game as it plays out as you can abandon ship at any time if things aren't going your way: that's what being in control means.

You're rewarded for your understanding of complicated games

Finally, all those thousands of hours you spent with League and Dota will pay off! Some esports games like MOBAs and other esports titles can be fiendishly complicated, and no bookie or algorithm will be able to precisely peg the turn of the tide when two oddball builds and hero comps go up against each other. With your superior nerd knowledge, you can either keep the faith in a pending upset or recognize that the tides are turning and cash out just in time – all this, of course, applies to the fiendish nuances of traditional sports as well…

Upsets can be more profitable if you play your cards right

How many times have we seen a promising underdog take the lead against the favorites, only to drop the ball and crumble under the pressure late into the game? It's one of the most annoying turnarounds for neutral fans and enterprising bettors alike. Sometimes you can even hear "The Imperial March" in your head as it happens. In these cases, your traditional bet on the upset result is guaranteed to be a loss, even if you've correctly pegged that the team in question has at least a puncher's chance to snatch away the win. Now, you can cash out victoriously even after they've taken the lead, securing a portion of your potential winnings without risking everything on a potential comeback by the favorite side. This way, you can leverage your hunches even more effectively than before and potentially further increase your winnings!

It's an exciting new way to wager

At the end of the day, cashout betting is simply just a ton of fun. There's nothing quite like the feeling of actively watching the odds shift back and forth, trying to make a decision whether to commit or not based on the ebb and flow of the game. In a way, it feels like stock trading and brings the same sort of adrenaline surge. There's nothing quite like it. The fun part of betting is that you have something tangible riding on the action on the screen: cash out betting makes this part of the experience a whole lot more profound, while also offering more control for you as a bettor over your wager's eventual outcome. If you're not giving it a go, you're missing out on something special!

Betting with Bitsler: here's why you should choose us

We know you have many options to deposit your hard-earned money and we're proud of our continuously improving offerings that are among the best the industry has to offer. Our platform is among the safest and most versatile out there. Read on to learn why we're the best in the business:

Ease of use

Our platform is one of the most robust yet flexible out there, with extra care taken to ensure that betting veterans and newcomers alike can easily find their way around. No confusion or hidden stuff here – you'll always find what you're looking for, be it the odds, the match, the market or anything else!

A wide variety of crypto options

Bitsler is made by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts. We're on the forefront of this exciting new technology, looking to integrate as many new options and tools as possible to make your betting experience as smooth and exciting as possible. This also means that we have a unique understanding of the space and understand the value and the strength of the many different currencies out there. Great news: our unified deposit wallet makes it easy to top up your account regardless of whether you're a Bitcoin evangelist, an Ethereum stan or a fan of something more exotic. We're all part of the same family!

Extensive markets, esports and normal sports alike

Our goal is simple: if you love it, you'll be able to find it at Bitsler. Whether it's a niche esport or the most popular football league, it makes no difference to us. We've got you covered with a wide variety of markets, with a wide variety of pre-match and crypto live betting options to choose from!

A continuously improving product

Our work is never done. We at Bitsler work around the clock to create the best betting product we can produce for you, adjusting and innovating and every turn to make the platform the greatest in the field. Our crypto deposit integration options are unparalleled and we continue to roll out new features at all times.

Exciting bonuses and awesome promotions

We value your loyalty and trust and we're always looking to give a little something back. There is always a little something extra that's available to our players, be it deposit bonuses or other goodies. Stick around and keep an eye out for our promotions to get the best bonuses in the business!

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