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With so many crypto betting sites like BC Game out there competing for your hard-earned attention and time, it can be a challenge to contrast and compare all available options, especially when the feature sets and the underlying technology are not always as transparent and clear-cut as one would reasonably expect it to be. That happens to be the case with BC Game as well, and it’s worth highlighting the various options, and lack thereof, on the site so that you can make an informed and educated decision as to whether BC.Game is the right crypto betting site for you, or if an alternative like Bitsler would be a better option to consider.

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If you are interested in online betting, you might have come across BC Game – often stylized as BC.GAME or BC GAME as well – and its offerings already, be it as part of a marketing campaign or some community chatter. It is worth exploring them in detail to see what you are getting yourself into when you sign on for the site. Keep on reading to learn more about BC Game and its features, so that you can make better comparisons and an intelligent choice when it comes to choosing your favorite crypto betting site.

Savvy veterans and newbie bettors alike (be it on BC Game or elsewhere) would do well to be diligent about their research, as it ensures the best possible betting experience off the back of your deposit, the same way one looks into the teams and players of the big match they are looking to make a punt on, or how you would read through the rules of a casino game or a fun slots experience before pressing the big button on BC Game.

Is BC.Game safe and provably fair? Does it offer the sort of features you would find elsewhere in the crypto betting space, or does it fall short in some departments? With so many different options to choose from and many considerations to have depending on where you are located in the world, it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to stay on top of all this information about BC Game. Don’t worry: this is why we have put together this detailed comparison article for you, where you can learn more about the platform and its competitiors.

Here is everything you need to know about BC Game and its crypto betting track record so that you can decide whether it is the best betting site for you or if it might be worth checking out some of the alternatives to BC.Game in the market.

What is BC Game?

Founded in 2017, similar to, BC Game (often also stylized as BC.Game, as mentioned above) is a cryptocurrency betting site that is somewhat shrouded in mystery. With little information about the owners and their business history available on the internet when it comes to BC Game, it can be really rather difficult to ascertain the stability and trust levels of the people behind the platform. However, for what it is worth, BC Game’s long track record in the online space is a strong counterpoint to this, and any platform that has survived for over seven years without significant troubles or controversies is definitely worth exploring as a potential option if you are looking for a crypto betting online site, so BC game is definitely one to consider.

The company behind BC Game is called BlockDance B.V. and its managing director is called Raoul Behr, a Curacao resident. This is where the company’s license can be found, as it has been issued by the Curacao Interactive Licensing NV, or CIL for short. BC Game is not named on the license, as is customary for a brand, but the company itself is.

Based on our experience and the resources available via other trusted reviews, the platform on BC.Game only handles cryptocurrency deposits, which can be a downside for even the most enthusiastic crypto coin user when it comes to depositing funds on BC Game.

At the time of writing, BC Game boasts over 1,300 slots games and more than one hundred and twenty live casino games for players – which are provided by third-party platforms like TV Bet and Evolution Gaming, with a handful of original selections as well on BC.Game. Players can also find an extensive selection of lottery games and bingo options  There is also a limited selection of sports betting markets available on the site and proprietary coins for BC.Game crypto deposits.

As for the other side of the equation, BC Game offers over 40 different crypto coin withdrawal options, and it is integrated with a handful of ewallets as well, like Skrill, MiFinity, and Jazzcash. There are no withdrawal limits involved, which is always a positive to see for any enthusiastic and successful bettor.

BC.Game review – is it a legit and safe crypto betting site?

BC.GAME’s Trustpilot page greets us with a big yellow banner saying, “We’ve detected a number of fake reviews for this company and we’ve removed them,” with no BC Game score available at the time of writing due to “a breach of Trustpilot’s guidelines.” Seeing how a whopping 42% of reviews are of a five-star rating, and 43% have a mere one-star, the worst possible one, the average for BC Game, should it be visible, would likely come in at about a high two or a low three – before factoring into the apparent fake reviews, of course. Also, keep in mind that based on the historical archives looking at past and present reviews for BC Game, the average rating of the site has continued to dip over time, which is also worth factoring into your analysis of the platform.

So, yeah, a big BC Game oof, as the kids like to say.

However, for what it is worth, the folks behind BC Game regularly respond to negative reviews, providing a response to 87% of them according to Trustpilot’s stats, so it’s not like you’re looking at a complete sock puppet account here – even if the responses from BC.Game have a distinctly vague and cheery ChatGPT flare. Nevertheless, for completeness’ sake, here are a few choice excerpts of negative reviews about BC Game that could be important to you:

Some of the criticisms concern what happens after a big win, but salty reactions like this are definitely worth taking with a larger than average grain of salt, or maybe even a big block of it:

 “I won $5,000 in USDT, and they blocked my account. Been chasing them for 6 months, but no response, no email, and nothing. When you win big, BC.Game will block your account, and will ask you supply them with KYC documents. Once they receive the KYC documents through Email, then they will reply back saying, that you are not welcome.”

However, once you get into the nitty-gritty of things when it comes to BC Game, there are other tangible issues that people continue to raise among the many negative reviews you can find, such as this succinct summary:

“The "live support", which takes hours to answer, is BY FAR the worst support team in the business! No answers at all and takes ages to reply (and most replies aren't even close to what I asked.”

The game selection on BC.Game and the technical side of things were also catching strays from some of the more astute reviewers on BC Game’s Trustpilot page, as you can see below in great detail:

“Signed up last night to give this BC.Game site a go. Game choice is OK (but pretty limited compared to other casinos)

VERY glitchy experience on mobile. Errors opening games, errors while playing games, unable to see my balance whilst playing slots. (Could only guess how much balance I had by looking at the in game profit/loss, but got an error and had to reload the game and completely lost track). Same on different browsers.

This site isnt for me at this time. Very amateurish and doesn't instill a lot of confidence.”

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Ultimately, once you aggregate the available feedback about BC Game on Trustpilot, you will find that other customer reviews also point out the lack of a dedicated mobile app and the pretty limited bonus offers available on the site. There are also some significant performance issues with BC Game, with bettors reporting lags and bugs over heavy user load and the negative effect of what seems like occasional DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks against the BC game platform. Worth keeping in mind if reliability is a top factor for you when it comes to crypto betting sites!

It also has to be said that the good people behind BC Game didn’t exactly cross all their t-s and dotted every i when it comes to safety and responsibility features. The site is severely limited when it comes to responsible gambling options and self-exclusion tools, and if you’re looking for a comprehensive explanation of all BC Game terms and conditions in a non-English language, you might find that they haven’t been properly translated in their entirety from the English original, which is a bit of a pain, to say the least, and a genuine concern if we’re being real.

There is also the fact that unregistered users only have a very limited access to live chat functions on BC Game, which would be another understandable reason for you to consider avoiding taking the plunge. However, these issues can be easily rectified and we are looking forward to seeing how BC Game will improve on these aspects of their product offering as time goes on.

Bitsler and BC Game crypto betting site features comparison – how do they stack up?

As you can see from the reviews and analysis above, there are many factors and crypto betting elements where BC Game is lagging somewhat behind its competitors in the digital space. As an example, let us consider the kind of features and bonuses that you can find yourself on Bitsler by creating an account and exploring the available gaming experience.

If you compare BC.Game versus Bitsler, you will find that Bitsler offers a larger selection of sports and esports to bet on, with more exotic titles like golf or Dota 2 markets only available on Bitsler out of the two. In terms of consistent promotions and achievable bonuses, Bitsler also has the edge. The ease of use and availability in terms of the stability of the platform and the fiat currency deposit option (not to mention the truly instantaneous instant deposits) is also an important factor to consider here in Bitsler’s favor when compared with BC Game.

Both websites - meaning Bitsler and BC Game - hold a notable license and have been around for many years in the crypto online betting space, so that comes out to a wash. Gamers will also appreciate how both sites have a dark mode option, so you can avoid melting your eyes in the way so many boomers do when they stare at a screen for a long time, blasting themselves with a big white window over and over again. (No? Is it just us? Dark mode users, unite!)

With in-play betting and live cashout options, and the general availability of more markets and betting options, while both websites are worthy of consideration for your crypto betting exploits, we believe that Bitsler has a slight edge over BC Game as of right now.

BC Game vs Bitsler – final thoughts

You can easily see from all that has been written above the fold that there are big and tangible differences between the various crypto betting sites like BC Game and the rest out there, and it is important to take your time when deciding where to put your hard earned money for some good old-fashioned betting fun.

Ultimately, the robust feature set of Bitsler (with the provably fair play system that you can always verify for yourself, a non-stop stream of promotions and bonuses, and a rapidly expanding feature set that includes in-play betting and live cashout options) could very well sway you when it comes to making this decision about BC Game. Of course, this isn’t a parlor game: you can all check out everything Bitsler has to offer by creating an account right now and seeing for yourself whether it is to your liking.

At the end of the day, finding out what is the best possible crypto betting site (be it BC Game or something else) for you comes down to your individual situation and personal preferences. However, a good understanding of the BC Game feature sets and trust and safety measures utilized on different platforms can go a long way when it comes to doing your research, making it easier to decide when it comes to BC Game versus Bitsler or any other platform of its kind. Stay safe out there!

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