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For online betting enthusiasts, Stake and Stake US are well-known casino platforms with a variety of pros and cons to consider before deciding whether to deposit with them. Is Stake or Stake US the right betting site for you? It depends on the specifics and what you are looking for, and this is where research and analysis comes in. So read on for more information and comparisons to help you make a well-informed choice about Stake and Stake US.

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No matter whether you are an aspiring punter or an experienced bettor, or if you’re looking for some casual fun or some serious high-stakes wagers (on Stake or elsewhere), it is important to be diligent and do your research about the various betting sites you come across so that you can get the most bang for your buck and the best gaming experience possible on Stake or a different platform. In many ways, this is much like how you would go on to research a match or a fight you are looking to put a bet on for the best potential results or how you would look at potential returns for the slots and casino games for your choice, be it Stake US or some other platform.

From important features to trust and safety concerns to the many bells and whistles offered by digital betting sites all around the world, it can be a bit head-spinning to find and discuss the differences between the various platforms available in the online space and what exactly Stake has to offer to you.

Here are the most important things you need to know about Stake and its American subsidiary, Stake US, and whether it is the right betting site for you.

What is Stake and Stake US?, or just Stake, is an online casino hailing from Australia and incorporated in Curaçao. Founded in 2017, the company first launched in the United Kingdom in December 2021, with a United States-focused platform,, following in August 2022.

Stake offers a wide range of casino games and multiple sports betting options. As the name would suggest, Stake and Stake US prioritizes cryptocurrency options over traditional ones, with the UK platform being a key exception to this policy, which only accepts fiat. Still, for more Stake customers, it’s their way or the highway, with their way being crypto.

Sporting fans probably best know Stake for their recent title sponsorship of Alfa Romeo’s Formula One team, which made quite a splash in the sporting world at the start of the season. You will also note that the team is co-sponsored by the controversial streaming platform called Kick, and in jurisdictions where gambling sponsors are not allowed to be displayed by law, Kick will be the prominently displayed team name and branding on the track and on the broadcasts instead of Stake or Stake US. From 2026 onwards, the team will be taken over by German manufacturer Audi, so these partnerships with Stake and its ilk are expected to expire at that point without a renewal, as often happens with sponsorship deals like this that involve partial or full naming rights.

Stake also invested heavily in big-ticket celebrity sponsorship deals across the years, be it Drake, Sergio Agüero, Israel Adesanya from the UFC and a wide variety of English football clubs, just to name a few. It is quite likely that you have seen or heard some of their Stake sponsor contributions across the entertainment space.

Of course, just because you can spot the logo on an F1 car or hear of a notable celebrity endorsement doesn’t mean that Stake or Stake US is the perfect cryptocurrency betting platform choice for you. So, with that in mind, let’s dig a bit more into the feature set and the reviews for Stake and Stake US and see what the numbers are and what the users have to say about their global and local offerings – and if perhaps you should shop around elsewhere along the way for a little more comprehensive coverage and better bonuses.

Legal jurisdictions and law-related concerns are also important to note when it comes to the different betting platforms in the world, and a bit of research will find that Stake’s founders were involved in a dismissed lawsuit in June 2023 when one of their early associates ended up suing them for $580 million, as he was alleging that he was shut out of the business and mislead by a variety of illegal negotiation tactics along the way as Stake and Stake US grew into what it is today. The federal judge in Manhattan didn’t rule on the validity of the claims but dismissed the suit due to jurisdictional issues. Worth at least a 🤔 emoji.

Safety is also of paramount importance when it comes to online betting, and there is a pretty big blemish on Stake’s record here: in September 2023, over $41million was stolen from one of the company’s Ethereum wallets by a North Korean group of hackers, raising important concerns. Let’s toss in a second 🤔 for good measure about Stake, shall we?

Stake betting site features and comparisons – benefits and options

Stake and Stake US are often referred to as a “social casino” in reviews and marketing blurbs, but there is little in terms of social features that would warrant this title in reality: you’re looking at primarily solo experiences here on Stake. However, Stake does offer a large selection of slots and casino games, with various sports betting and esports betting options – as long as you are not in the United States, that is. The selection available differs widely across Stake’s different platforms, and the offerings on Stake US can’t hold a candle to what you can find on different cryptocurrency betting sites.

Moving on to other aspects, Stake offers a straightforward VIP program with a basic set of bonuses but without anything spectacular to catch the eye. There are also live dealer games for various casino games like blackjack and baccarat.

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Stake and Stake US, reviewed – is it the right platform for you?

There are many considerations to keep in mind when selecting your online betting platform of choice. Reviews and feature lists are two of the key ways to get started in your analysis, and in both of these cases, it’s worth keeping an open mind about Stake and going beyond the marketing blurbs to examine and find any potential issues about a site you’re looking to hand over some of your hard-earned money to for a great gaming experience.

(Here’s a top tip: if you’re browsing Trustpilot reviews for Stake and Stake US, you might want to just outright disregard the ones that were made by users who only have a single review to their name on the website. There can be shady incentives and dodgy deals in the background, and who’s to say the reviewer in question really did put an effort into their evaluation if they have never done so on the site ever before or since?)

Despite the primarily positive feedback on Stake and Stake US’s Trustpilot page, one can also find some quite harsh criticisms of these platforms in question with just a simple Google search. Here is a set of choice quotes from a January 2023 Reddit thread, with many commenters echoing the concerns flagged by the original poster about Stake down below the line:

“I made this account to literally post this review and warn others. Iv played on a ton of online slot sites and not one had payouts as bad as Stake does. I’m talking even scam sites. All I read on here are people supporting them and recommending them but I have to believe they are bots. I’ve spent over 3k and not hit a single significant win over a couple of dollars. [...] Guess they need to rob their customers to pay Drake or something lol. Anyway you’ve been warned, don’t believe any of the reviews on here about that site. Also if anyone questions the legitimacy of this review I have no problem screenshotting my account overview to show this.”

While a post like this is no definite proof of any issues or foul play on Stake, it is definitely worth highlighting that it is easy to find disappointed and critical consumers of Stake and Stake US voicing their concerns online in a variety of ways, and their feedback should for sure be factored into your Stake decision-making process when it comes to selecting which cryptocurrency betting site you will choose for your online wagering experience.

Is Stake and Stake US legit? Concerns and criticisms

That said, there are tangible downsides to Stake’s casino and betting offerings, regardless of which of their regional platforms you end up playing with – the least of which is a lack of interconnectivity. While cryptocurrency enthusiasts will likely appreciate a focus on a selection of coins on Stake and Stake US, the complete lack of fiat currency deposit options is a big setback on when it comes to adaptation and ease of use, and the lengthy verification process and slow response rate of the support team can also make getting started on Stake a bit of a pain for newcomers and enterprising bettors alike, and it can be an especially thorny issue if you need a quick response about a time-sensitive matter related to your live casino game or a bet you are about to place.

Also, it is worth noting that Stake offers no dedicated mobile Stake casino app, and there are occasional reports of hiccups and issues with their native responsive mobile web offering that aren’t present on other cryptocurrency betting sites. With regards to another issue, the US platform called lacks a lot of the options available elsewhere in the world, coming with a severely limited selection of slots and casino games and absolutely no live games or sports betting options for American customers – and even so, the Stake platform is only available in selected states of the United States.

Based on our extensive research and reviews, Stake would do well to add more promotions and benefits to loyal players and returning visitors, as their bonuses and offers for established players are far from what they could be, and the offerings on Stake are a definite step back from what you can easily find elsewhere on the internet on other cryptocurrency betting platforms.

It is also very important to know that Stake is one of the many sites that exploit the loophole where they use their own proprietary coin so that players are competing for “prizes” rather than real money – whether regulators will continue to turn a blind eye to this approach is far from guaranteed, and it’s definitely worth keeping in mind before you decide to commit a large deposit to the Stake platform.

In conclusion, let’s make it three thinking emojis regarding what Stake and Stake US have to offer to customers. 🤔

Stake and Stake US pros and cons – a summary

As you can see, it is very important to do your research about any potential crypto betting site you are looking to get involved with, especially because you might miss out on some interesting alternatives and great bonuses available elsewhere. For the purposes of global availability and uninterrupted service, it is worth considering what else is out there.

For example, Bitsler offers an industry-leading ease-of-access solution when it comes to making deposits with cryptocurrencies and fiat alike, and a peerless rapid-response team of customer service experts. You also get to experience sports betting options regardless of where you are located, with in-play betting and cashout options available to you as well. Be it the biggest games or the most niche of sports, we’ve got it covered. And that’s before you look at our steady stream of bonuses and promotions, which you can all check out by creating an account right now.

You can, of course, also consider partaking in the action on multiple betting sites at the same time – that way, be it Stake, Bitsler, or some other option online, you are bound to mitigate your risk potential and find opportunities to explore multiple bonus schemes and the widest possible range of markets and features. That is, by far, the best way to find your favorite crypto betting site, and the alternatives to Stake and Stake US.

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