BTC: $ 61891.77 (-0.18%)


ETH: $ 3414.5 (-0.64%)


LTC: $ 91.55 (1.51%)


DOGE: $ 0.1383 (-4.30%)


Here are some of the changes that have recently happened on the previous update:

  • VIP Levels are lifetime and don't reset.
  • Iron, Black Diamond, Master Diamond, Diamond Legend levels added.
  • Chests don't pay out BTSLR coins.
  • Chests awarded only on reaching a new sub-level.
  • Cashback obsolete.
  • Rakeback for all Levels higher than Gold.
  • Rakeback increases upon reaching new main Levels.
  • Updated badge designs.
  • Weekly BTSLR coin challenges obsolete.
  • Daily wagering contests obsolete.
  • Weekly wagering contest obsolete
  • Daily BTSLR coin challenge = 2 challenges per day of 12 hours each


  • Weekly Bitcoin faucet.
  • The amount to claim depends on accounts deposit, wagering and profit activity.
  • Open for all levels higher than Platinum that are using Telegram support upon request.


  • $20 000 prizes for the Weekly Wager Contests stays the same.
  • During the first weeks, it will only be special wager contests.
  • Daily BTSLR coin challenge is likely to change/update within the following weeks.

Much <3 from the Bitsler team

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