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Litecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the digital world and it offers many interesting ways for you to get involved with the online world. Today, we are going to offer you a comprehensive summary of how the coin functions, what you can use it for, a detailed explanation of how LTC casinos and Litecoin betting works on the internet, and how you can get involved with the action.

How to find the best Litecoin casino site for you

If you are looking for LTC casino games and ways for safe and high-quality Litecoin betting, you have come to the right place. Bitsler offers a fantastic set of options for LTC holders and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts to experience all the great things digital gaming and Litecoin casino experiences have to offer.

Easy to use LTC casino game platform

We pride ourselves on our frictionless experience from signing up to playing your first Litecoin casino game or getting involved with your first Litecoin betting action. Bitsler is fast and convenient, and you will always find what you’re looking for, be it the odds, the match, the market or anything else! There is a reason why we are the premiere LTC casino experience providers online, and it is the care and attention we give to the continuous improvement of our platform.

A wide variety of crypto options

Bitsler is made by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts interested in an LTC casino, and this is why we offer better integration and more cryptocurrency deposit options than many in the competition. Litecoin casino enthusiasts are especially welcome on Bitsler as we continue to make your Litecoin betting experience as smooth and exciting as possible.

Our unified deposit wallet makes it easy to top up your account for Litecoin casino action, regardless of whether you’re a Bitcoin evangelist, a Litecoin betting expert, or a fan of something more niche. We like our memes, too!

Litecoin betting on Bitsler: comprehensive and super fun

Bitsler offers a comprehensive selection of markets for a wide variety of sports, from mainstream games to niche escapades, and even esports. Couple this with our live cashout and in-play betting options, and you’ve got an unbeatable feature set here - and that’s before you get into LTC casino games and more exciting stuff.

Awesome promotions and a unique loyalty program

One of the unique and most interesting aspects of the Bitsler Litecoin casino experience is the way our five-level loyalty program is structured, offering rewards and benefits along the way for players of all levels and stripes. Gain XP and go on adventures as you get involved with LTC casino games and Litecoin betting, and earn yourself rakebacks and various other bonuses along the way as you play Litecoin casino games!

What are you waiting for? Create your Bitsler account today and get started with your Litecoin betting action!

Litecoin casino and Litecoin betting, explained

The world of online LTC casino games and Litecoin betting platforms has gone through an incredible period of growth and development in the last decade, and no matter what your specific interests are, chances are that there are a wide variety of LTC casino sites and Litecoin casino providers that can offer the kind of experience you are looking for. This includes cryptocurrency deposits and dedicated LTC casino and Litecoin betting services, which can be a great way to leverage your crypto coins in a safe, secure, and fun way.

Betting with Litecoin or playing LTC casino games with cryptocurrencies fundamentally works the same way as it would with fiat currencies or other crypto coins on the digital platform of your choice, as long as the Litecoin casino deposit options allow you to use your LTC effectively so that you get involved with the experience.

From that point onwards, the specifics of the Litecoin casino action depend on the features and options that the Litecoin casino site in question is capable of offering to you: on a well-designed and strongly curated LTC casino platform like Bitsler, with a track record of many years in the space, you will find exactly the sort of Litecoin casino games and betting options as you would on a traditional website.

On Bitsler, you are able to play all traditional LTC casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, slots, and much more, including games with live dealers. In terms of Litecoin betting, a good website will offer you opportunities to bet on the biggest sporting events like the Roland Garros to more niche events like the World Snooker Championship or even an esports tournament like League of Legends Worlds - all with your Litecoin.

However, if you find yourself on a less reputable platform, you may run into a limited selection of games, issues with Litecoin betting and LTC casino action, or even difficulties with the deposit process or, worse still, in the case of withdrawals.

So, it ultimately goes without saying that the best way to have a good experience with your Litecoin casino games and the gambling possibilities is to do a careful analysis of which online crypto betting site you should trust with your hard-earned Litecoin – and this is where we come in.

What can you use Litecoin for on the internet?

There are many good reasons why cryptocurrencies of all shapes and sizes have proliferated so much across the past decade and a half. Users of Litecoin casinos and other such platforms are keenly interested in a decentralized, value-keeping asset of a limited quantity that offers a level of anonymity in the digital space, with the many open and free opportunities this provides for Litecoin casino customers all around the world.

The “lite” nature of Litecoin makes it much easier to use for purchases, as the fees and the confirmation times and the smaller transaction sizes make it a good option for making a variety of digital purchases, like LTC casino deposits.

No matter whether it’s video games, special household goods, or many of the more traditional items whose vendors are now accepting cryptocurrencies you’re looking for, chances are that Litecoin will be an accepted crypto coin on these platforms, like LTC casinos and Litecoin betting sites. In fact, Litecoin was among the first set of cryptocurrencies integrated into PayPal for its popularity and stability, and this sort of prestige goes a long way, which is why so many Litecoin casinos exist today.

That being said, Litecoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is also viable as a speculative investment option for those who believe its value will go up over time. There are also many yield-generating investment opportunities out there online that are designed for Litecoin, and these can be an interesting way to make use of your Litecoin if you have high risk tolerance and are looking to keep the coins around for a long time.

But by far, the most interesting and exciting way to spend your Litecoin is to get involved with the unique and exciting world of LTC casino games and Litecoin betting: a free and flexible alternative to offline and traditional bookies and bettors, a solution that unlocks lots of fun gaming opportunities from the comfort of your home as you look into a bona fide Litecoin casino on Bitsler.

Here is everything you need to know about LTC casinos and Litecoin betting, how you can get started, what are the best games to play, which platforms you should check out.

Why Bitsler is the best place for LTC casino games and Litecoin betting

If you are looking for the best place for online crypto betting and Litecoin casino games, Bitsler is the place to be. We have long been at the forefront of the LTC casino and the Litecoin betting experience, and it has never been easier to get in on the action.

You will find all the big LTC casino games and some unique options on Bitsler, and the Litecoin betting options are industry-leading in terms of comprehensive coverage and competitive odds. There are also great bonuses and a great loyalty program for you to check out if you register an account with us, and the Bitsler blog also offers a ton of interesting articles on the crypto betting space, Litecoin casinos, the sporting world, and interesting tournaments to bet on. We can’t wait to have you along for the LTC casino ride!

What is Litecoin (LTC) and how does it work?

If you need a quick primer about the coin’s market history and background before getting started with LTC casino games, we’ve got you covered. Litecoin (abbreviated as LTC and sometimes also denoted with the sign Ł) is one of the earliest Bitcoin alternatives in the world. It was launched in October 2011 by an Ivorian gentleman called Charlie Lee, a former Google employee in the early aughties.

Litecoin is a bitcoin altcoin, using the same underlying fundamentals as BTC (the proof-of-work consensus mechanism), and it was hard-forked from Bitcoin late in 2011. It has a much higher token amount than Bitcoin (a cap of 84 million instead of 21 million) and a different cryptographic hash function, confirming transactions four times faster in the process. Its goal was to make it a less centralized, “lighter” version of Bitcoin, and it remains a notable alternative in the space. It is often referred to as the silver to BTC’s gold, and it has enabled many Litecoin casino sites to flourish.

Charlie Lee remains involved with the Litecoin Foundation to this day, but he has controversially divested from the entirety of his Litecoin holdings back in December 2017 to avoid conflicts of interest. To this day, Charlie Lee is fully committed to the cause of increasing the coin’s adaptation, and no doubt he would agree with and appreciate the list below about the way you can use LTC online, including Litecoin casinos and Litecoin betting options.

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