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The previous hashes recently ran out, and as promised, the server seed for the previous seeding event is: 0d237231f36c4c9b225cddccefe1e26805d6c6d9b6e4541397ae9c82f0c94fb1c7b593ea8558c242fdecd8e6341b7a77b8feabe0bfe791c542940846606e1025 To keep this game provably fair, we'll announce our methods here again. We will generate a new batch of 5 Million SHA512 chained hashes (starting with a new server secret) The final hash is: b40c074196423c1fcb8c36a19a47e064a6143a7059d708e6ad654b7436166c8dc3cdd0d59fef26a02b2f0818ed8a205f452023c300c4d02e0ac82f52f779440c Bitsler will go through the hashes (in reverse order) and use each hash to determine the crash result. So the hash of our first game's hash is the same as our published final hash. To ensure we didn't pick a hash chain that has some advantage for us, we will use a future bitcoin block hash as "client seed" to generate the final crash results. We will use the block hash of bitcoin block 734122. The code to generate each crash result is:
$hash  =  hash_hmac('sha512',  $gameHash,  $blockHash);
$number  =  hexdec(substr($hash,  0,  13));
$multiplier  =  98  /  (1  -  ($number  /  (pow(2,52))));
echo  max(100,  floor($multiplier))  /  100;
This blog post will be shared on our social media channels and archived by several archive websites. Therefor we cannot edit the final hash (and therefor hash chain) nor the future bitcoin block number anymore. This makes our new game Blast completely provably fair.

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