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Bitstarz and the Bitstarz casino is one of the many online betting sites available to you that have emerged in recent years, and it is one of those platforms that specialize and focus on cryptocurrencies and the special options that crypto provides in the casino gaming space.

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If you are only just getting started in the wide and exciting world of online wagering – or even if you are an experienced punter with accounts across a handful of different platforms like Bitstarz – it can be a bit tricky to keep track of every single possible betting site that crops up over the world, and a thorough comparison of finding the best options for your betting needs can be especially time-consuming. That is why we produce reviews like this: To make it easier for you to decide whether Bitstarz is legit and if it is a good website to deposit your hard-earned funds on the Bitstarz casino for some good old-fashioned crypto betting fun.

Research like this is always very important, especially for online websites like Bitstarz that have a much more easier time changing things around and maybe airbrush away some old oopsies than brick-and-mortar offline casino establishments would on some occasions. So what is the deal with Bitstarz? Is the Bitstarz casino safe and provably fair, and does it offer the sort of games, features, and bonuses that an enterprising crypto bettor is no doubt on the lookout for on their hunt for the best betting site? Read on to find out more about the Bitstarz platform and some of the notable alternatives in the space that you might want to consider before making your final decision.

Below the fold, you will find all the information you could possibly need about Bitstarz and the Bitstarz casino, and its track record in the cryptocurrency betting space. We hope you enjoy this comprehensive review of the Bitstarz platform!

Bitstarz fact sheet – what is this crypto betting site?

Bitstarz was founded in 2014, making it one of the oldest cryptocurrency-focused online betting sites, and it has garnered a handful of awards across the years, primarily from AskGambler, with a Curacao master gambling license providing the legal background for Bitstarz casino to operate in the space. Not many sites in the space can boast this kind of a track record in terms of industry accolades and sheer longevity as the Bitstarz casino does, which immediately makes Bitstarz stand out by itself among many of the competitor crypto betting sites – though this is not at all a sure-fire guarantee for a frictionless experience for punters, as we will get into a little further down the line.

Bitstarz offers cryptocurrency deposit options but only focuses on the biggest coins in the space (BTC, BCHG, ETH, DOGE, USDT, and LTC), somewhat limiting the options of the memecoin enthusiasts out there. (We see you, dogecoin lovers! You and many other superfans have the opportunity to directly deposit with some of these more specialized coins on platforms like Bitsler, which are a lot more open about the kind of cryptocurrencies they accept than Bitstarz is.)

On the other hand, it is also important to mention that Bitstarz stands out among some of the other crypto betting online sites with the Bitstarz casino by facilitating deposits and withdrawals with a wide variety of fiat currencies alongside the crypto options (namely: euros, dollars of the American, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand kind, the Japanese Yen, the Russian Ruble and the Renmibi, and even some more exotic options like Poland’s Zloty and Norway’s Krone are all fair game on Bitstarz). However, the fees associated with fiat deposits and withdrawals can be much higher than the industry average, so that is definitely worth keeping in mind, as is the fact that the Bitstarz site has higher deposit and withdrawal limits than many of its competitors.

At the time of writing, you can find over a whopping 4,500 (yes, over four and a half thousand) different slots games on Bitstarz, with a strong selection of jackpots and casino games to choose from. However, there are no sports betting options available on the Bitstarz casino platform, and if you are an enthusiast of a new world of digital competition, then we are sad to inform you that you also won’t find the sort of varied esports betting options on Bitstarz than you would on a platform like Bitsler – in fact, it is entirely absent from the website’s portfolio of offerings. The live casino games on Bitstarz are based on the well-known software package of Evolution Gaming, so the Bitstarz casino game experts will have a good idea here of what exactly they are getting into.

But does this feature set on paper live up to the live crypto betting experience on the site? Let’s dig into what the regular users and the professional reviewers have to say to find out about the true potential of Bitstarz as a platform.

Is Bitstarz legit? Features and factors to consider

One of the biggest questions any online bettor and punter might ask themselves is whether Bitstarz is a legitimate platform or not for crypto deposits and casino wagers. To answer that question, we will first have to look at the license held by Bitstarz and what kind of features and allowances it entails.

The Curacao license held by Bitstarz does not warrant the kind of deep and ironclad commitment to responsible gambling – and the hosting of the tools and features required to meet this mandate – that you might find elsewhere in the online crypto betting space, so this is definitely something that you should keep in mind when deciding whether Bitstarz is the site for you. As explained above in terms of the features available, it also does not allow the site to host and manage sports and esports betting games in the way a site like Bitsler does.

Past reviews have listed mixed feedback with regards to Bitstarz’s customer service offerings and features, and the Bitstarz casino website’s Trustpilot ratings were notably low, too, but more recent records and analysis show that they have done a lot of work beefing up both departments, with the Bitstarz ratings going from a 2.5 average to a whopping 4.5, and users reporting a better-staffed and more experiences customer service department when it comes to their interactions with Bitstarz casino stuff, which is always great to see.

However, that does not mean that the platform and the way it operates is without any criticism. Very much on the contrary, in fact: One of the most notable elements of the Bitstarz reviews we could find is how strict and stringent the Bitstarz casino platform is when it comes to even the smallest elements of the terms of service you accept when you sign up to create an account on the site, especially when it comes to the part about multiple accounts in a single household – the portion marked as 3.2 in the Bitstarz casino ToS – which reads as such:

“Only one Account for each household, IP, PC is allowed. If you attempt to open more than one Member Account, all accounts you try to open may be blocked or closed and any bets may be voided. Also, any returns, deposits, winnings or bonuses which you have gained or accrued during such time as the [Bitstarz casino] Duplicate Account  was active will be forfeited by you and maybe reclaimed by us, and you will return to us on demand any such funds which have been withdrawn from the Duplicate Account.”

This means that many users have reported significant difficulties in cashing out when running afoul of this rule, so having a significant other or some other family member under the same roof as yourself who is also playing on Bitstarz could be a pretty big issue if you are not careful about following every single protocol. Here are some of the more concerning reviews and controversial user statements we ran into about Bitstarz on its Trustpilot page and elsewhere on the internet:

“Beware: will not process large cashouts. BitStarz stole 2.29 Bitcoin from me.

BitStarz claims I sent in a fake ID when I have explained many times that was a hacker. They still closed my account and stole all my funds.”

Deposit and withdrawal on the Bitstarz casino do seem to be a recurring issue as far as reviews are concerned:

“Beware if you deposit less than the minimum amount then they keep your money and won't post it to your account. So I wonder how many people a day or hour deposit 10 to 20 USD and get nothing in return. That adds up quick. The customer service reps could not care less. I'm a loyal player but I will be looking elsewhere to spend my money and so should you.”

There are variations on the theme, too:

“I have [accumulated] a huge losd here, even when I've lost a thousand bucks. They didn't give my $15 weekly bonuses that I won, that is around $251.

I have been wagering the $15 into $550 and did all the mission until I had $251, but when I tried to withdraw, they canceled it. Now it's all gone from my account.”

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(For what it’s worth, the customer service representative responding to these reviews is really rather sassy. Whether that is a positive or a negative depends on your personal outlook, perhaps. It does carry a bit of an unprofessional vibe, if we are being honest.)

It is also worth mentioning that searching for the Bitstarz platform online will pretty quickly get you to a super critical Reddit thread where many users have congregated to list their issues and concerns with the site, and its prominence in Google search results should definitely give you pause before making a final decision as to which crypto betting site you choose for your casino game adventures:

“Bitstarz has elected to confiscate my winnings of $10000 and the entitled bonus of $5000. They stated that I did not adhere to the terms and conditions while unlocking the bonus. The specific condition was that no bets were to be above $5.

It is stomachable if Bitstarz does not want to honor the bonus because of the terms and conditions NOBODY reads, but to confiscate the win as well is immoral. It suggests bad faith practices because Bitstarz would conveniently bank in my losses, but when the bets were won legitimately, they didn't pay out the win. Once you use the bonus, FORGET ABOUT TAKING OUT YOUR WINNINGS.”

We cannot verify the veracity of these negative reviews but there are enough of them that we feel the need to highlight that you should definitely be diligent before making a decision.

Bitstarz review and features comparison: here is what you need to know

While Bitstarz is a longstanding and legit actor in the crypto betting space, it is safe to say that not every user had a positive experience with the platform and their version of the Curacao license is somewhat limited compared to what other sites have to offer. This translates to a complete lack of sports and esports betting options on Bitstarz, but they do compensate for this with a massive selection of slots and casino games.

As for the bonuses and promotions, Bitstarz is a bit on the weak side, and many users have reported difficulties when it comes to crediting their rewards. In comparison, sites like Bitsler offer robust VIP systems with a continuous stream of bonuses and exciting promotions that you can easily check out by creating an account and exploring the available gaming experience.

Ultimately, your geolocation and the kind of sports and casino games you are interested in will play a large part in which crypto betting site is the best for you, and reading reviews like this plays a big part in the journey to making an intelligent decision on an important matter like this. Even small details like what kind of cryptocurrencies a site like Bitstarz accepts can be a huge factor depending on your specific interests and your personal situation.

At the end of the day, Bitstarz is a well-known and well-established actor in the crypto betting space, but it is perhaps a part of why they do not offer all the exciting features available on slightly newer and more innovative platforms like Bitsler. Having a keen eye on the feature sets and trust and safety measures they provide is important when deciding whether you should deposit with a platform like Bitstarz, and you should definitely give a try to multiple platforms out there so that you can find the one that is the best suited for you, or you can even mix and match for a variety of games and coverage for things like the Bitstarz casino, depending on what it is you are looking for.

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