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Crypto Dice betting at Bitsler Casino

Try out our exclusive crypto Dice game – a great game of chance – for the opportunity to win big rewards. 

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    • Tối thiểu
    • /2
    • X2
    • Tối đa
    Mức chi
    Cơ may
    dưới 49.50

    Epic Mini
    Đang tải ..
    Epic Minor
    Đang tải ..
    Epic Major
    Đang tải ..
    Epic Grand
    Đang tải ..
    Jackpot 0.01 USDT and Epic Jackpot 0.10 USDT per round
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    What is the Dice game?

    The Bitcoin Dice game is an exclusive online game, produced by Bitsler, and it offers our casino customers something a little different from the other online dice games out there. The Bitsler crypto casino has been in operation since 2015, and we’re proud to say that this is our very own original game.

    There are lots of online dice games, and here at Bitsler we offer other dice games, such as Twist. However, we highly recommend that you also try out Bitcoin Dice. It comes with a few special features, including a low house edge, and a potentially substantial payout. Like the other games available at Bitsler, it’s well-designed and easy to play. 

    When you play the Dice game at Bitsler, it’s very different from more traditional dice games played with standard six-sided dice. In this crypto dice game, the digital dice that you’re going to be rolling have an incredible 10,000 sides. As you can imagine, this means that there are a lot of different combinations to be made, and lots of different ways to win. 

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