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Play the Plinko game at Bitsler Casino!

Throw down your chips and see where they land – Bitsler’s Plinko game brings TV game show action to casino fans around the world!

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    Jackpot 0.01 USDT and Epic Jackpot 0.10 USDT per round
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    What is the Plinko casino game?

    Bitsler’s Plinko game is a game of chance, where players cast virtual chips into a field of pins – with multiplier prize pots waiting at the bottom.

    If it seems familiar, that’s because the game is something of a TV staple – both in the UK and the US; it was one of the most popular games that made up The Price Is Right, a long-running game show.

    If you want to dive right back into the game’s history, it first debuted on The Price Is Right back in January 1983 after being created by Frank Wayne, the show’s producer – making it a pop culture staple for more than 40 years. Is it any wonder that many people want to give the Plinko casino game a go online?

    Like the TV game, Bitsler’s Plinko lines up various different prize pots (in this case, bet multipliers) for chips to land in. Online Plinko is provably fair – meaning that every chip played has a random chance of winning a prize.

    What sets Bitsler’s Plinko apart from other takes on the game is that you can play it with one of several cryptocurrencies – more on this a little later.

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